Must have apps

Here is a list of applications that you must have in order for your computer to be more efficient. And for the user to be more productive:

Close all windows

This portable application does what it says, it will terminate all of your applications in no time. But if you have a firefox download or any unsaved work. It will also notify you if you want to save it first. This app will essentially speed up the application termination process. So that you won’t need to close all the windows that are open.


-This is a powerful command line utility that allows you to do a lot of things. Like opening your dvd-rom through a shortcut, turning off your monitor, or even speak the contents of your clipboard. By exploiting built-in utilities in your operating system.

Google Chrome

I know that Opera is faster than this browser, but I like Google Chrome’s interface better than opera and I think I’m more efficient when I’m using it. So I really recommend Google Chrome as a web browser. Below is a link for the portable version, which I also favor. Because you can use the same portable applications if you have a multi-boot system. And it isn’t installed on your program files, which makes it more secured to use a portable application.


-I favor this browser for my downloads. Because its faster when it comes to downloads. Its also faster when scrolling through tech articles.

Terra Copy

This application will essentially speed up your file transfer speed. It replaces the old windows file copier. Basically you need to install this to make it work.


-A tool for managing your passwords.

Avast Free

-I recommend Avast not only because of its interface. But because I’ve already compare it with  the G-Data Antivirus, which topped in a PC magazine review when it comes to detection rates. And the result was fine. Avast detects the same threats that is detected by G-Data.

Secunia PSI

-PSI stands for Personal Software Inspector. This application will scan your installed applications for any security vulnerability and provide you a link where you can update the software with a vulnerability.  This application will essentially boost the security level of your computer. You must install this along with a good anti-spyware and anti-virus utility. And don’t forget to update your windows operating system with the automatic updater. But always be sure that the copy of your OS is legal. Bill Gates might detect you if you try to update a pirated copy of Windows 7.

Work rave

-An application used to prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury

Super AntiSpyware

-The most recommended AntiSpyware in all Tech Articles that I have red. The free edition is enough if you only need to remove the Spyware.



Nero Free

Virtual Box

Allows you to run virtualized operating system.

Microsoft SysInternals

You can find a list of portable apps in the link below. But I recommend downloading the AutoRuns and PageDefrag utility. AutoRuns allows you to manage all the services and applications that run on Windows Startup. Page Defrag, allows you to defrag system files.


-If you are a blogger, this application is your partner. It allows you to take screenshots, then you can upload those screenshots immediately with one to two click. The URL for the image that you have taken a screenshot will automatically be copied on your clipboard. So all you have to do is to paste that on your Web Browser after the upload has finished.

Cam Studio

-An open-source screen casting  application. This will be your partner if you’re a youtube blogger who makes tutorials through screen casting.

Rocket Dock

-You can use this application to imitate the application launcher in Mac OS. You can also add Stack Docklets to make the experience more look like Mac OS.

Taskbar Eliminator

I used this application with rocket dock to terminate the taskbar process temporarily. To make windows look more like Mac.

Look In my pc

-This application generates a system profile information on installed hardware and software.

-That’s it! With those installed, you are now ready for Geekhood:)

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