How to change default browser to open localhost

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can change the default browser for opening localhost or phpmyadmin. If you have wampserver installed on your computer.

Because sometimes, especially when you didn’t set the default browser when you install wampserver, you will get errors when you try to launch localhost from the system tray.


To fix that, you have to go to the folder where you have installed wampserver.

Mine is installed on:


Then search for the file named ‘wampmanager.conf’

Open it using notepad or notepad++ or any other kind of text editing software. It will look something like this:

language = english
status = “online”
wampserverVersion = 2.0
wampserverLastKnown = 2.0
installDir = “c:/wamp”
navigator = “C:UsersWernAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”
defaultLanguage = english

phpVersion = “5.3.0”
phpLastKnown = 5.3.0
phpIniDir = .
phpConfFile = php.ini
phpExeDir = .

phpCliVersion = 5.3.0
phpExeFile = php.exe
phpCliFile = php-win.exe

apacheVersion = “2.2.11”
apacheLastKnown = 2.2.11
apacheExeDir = bin
apacheConfDir = conf
apacheExeFile = httpd.exe
apacheConfFile = httpd.conf
apacheServiceInstallParams = -n wampapache -k install
apacheServiceRemoveParams = -n wampapache -k uninstall

mysqlVersion = “5.1.36”
mysqlLastKnown = 5.1.36
mysqlConfDir = .
mysqlConfFile = my.ini
mysqlExeDir = bin
mysqlExeFile = mysqld.exe
mysqlServiceInstallParams = –install-manual wampmysqld
mysqlServiceRemoveParams = –remove wampmysqld

phpmyadminVersion =

All you have to do is to edit the ‘navigator’ part.  As you can see, my default browser when opening localhost is chrome. The browser from google.

navigator = “C:UsersWernAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”

What you’ll have to do now is to change that to whatever browser you would want to open localhost. It can be something like:

c:program filesfirefoxfirefox.exe

Just search on your program files folder. You can also choose a portable web browser. Just input the correct path, and the program that will be used. Of course, you will need the one with a .exe file extension.



You can change your default browser by editing the wampmanager.conf file. It can also be used to fixed errors during the installation of wamp.

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