PHP Framework for beginners

I just recently used a php framework. So I may still be considered as a beginner. And I don’t really know if I have the right authority to recommend something to my fellow beginner. But just so you know, I started with the symfony framework. And their documentation is awesome, but not actually very beginner friendly. But despite that, I still tried it for few days. Unfortunately, I just ended up with the symfony start page. And I could really move on to using it. 

And so I decided to try Code Igniter instead. Its easy to install, easier than symfony. Because in symfony you will need to use the command line just to install it. Code Igniter on the other hand, just requires you to copy the extracted zip file from their site to your www folder if you’re using Wamp. And htdocs if you’re using Xamp. But that is where I ended. Because their documentation sucks like hell. The author really did many assumptions on its readers.

Then, here comes yii. This is the framework that I’m currently using right now. And its really nice. The documentation is also nice. And there are also third party authors who has made some beginner tutorials regarding yii. That really made life easier, so why don’t you try out yii. It might also work for you. I’m not gonna make yet another tutorial on yii. Because there are already plenty of those. But I’m gonna make a video tutorial of it soon, if I got enough confidence in using yii.

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