Where to find video tutorials for different technologies

If you really want to learn something you will always find a way to learn it. And so in this article I’m gonna show you all of the resources that I have when looking for video tutorials regarding different technologies, programming languages, software trainings, etc.

Here’s the list:


  • lynda.com
  • totaltraining.com
  • kelbytraining


  • butterscotch.com
  • vtc.com
  • youtube.com

Yeah, there’s free and there’s paid. But we are IT people so we can make use of torrents to get those videos for free. I won’t give you the links, its up for you to search for those.

For youtube:

  • The new boston – mainly on different programming languages
  • Tinkernut – hacks & tricks
  • PC whiz kids – software reviews, hardware reviews
  • hak5
  • tech squad

That’s all, if you know of something else, just comment them. Thanks.

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