Installing joomla part 1

Joomla is a content management system that allows non-programmers to create their own websites.

This article is only intended for windows-users who are using wamp.

Here’s how to install joomla:

First you have to download the full package of joomla from

After that, extract the zip file and copy it into a web accessible folder.

Rename the joomla folder into something more comprehensive, like joomla or cms. Whatever you wish. After that, launch wamp, then open your browser and type in:


Click next. And you’ll see this screen:


It is recommended that you will only see green colored labels in the checking of php features that should be disabled/ enabled. So if you see something like the one above, then you must change your php settings. To do that, follow the screenshot below:


Your configuration should exactly look like the one above to yield this one:


Now click next, until you see something like the one below:


As you can see, you need to include your database server information. The one in the screenshot above is the default one. Except for the database which is ‘onstor’. You must make your database first using either phpmyadmin or mysql console if you don’t already have one. Don’t forget to put tables in your database.

That’s all for part 1. Check out part 2 for the continuation of this article.

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