How to apply visual styles on Windows 7 part 2

This is the part 2 of the 3 part tutorial on how to apply custom visual styles on windows 7. In this tutorial I will show you the ways on how you can customize the visual style and themes in windows 7. And also the resources where you can download the files needed.



I’m not a fan of  Rainmeter since it takes a lot of system resources like memory. I only got 2Gb of physical RAM on my computer so I do not really use Rainmeter. But if you’ve got more RAM on your computer, then you may try using it. But I’m not going to discuss it here since I don’t have any idea on how to use Rainmeter


Custom Visual Styles

This is the one that I’m going to discuss in the third part of this series. So if you want to skip then here’s the link to third part.

If you have seen part 1 of this series then you probably have seen the current visual style in my system. It is the Placebo visual style combined with 7 pro start orb which I found at, my main source of visual styles.

If you want the placebo visual style, here’s the link. Just search placebo windows 7 in the deviantart in case the link doesn’t work.


Built-in Windows 7 theme customizer

There’s actually a built-in tool for windows 7 that allows you to customize the look of your system. But its not really enough when you really want your system to stand out and look unique from the others.

Just right-click on your desktop and choose personalize if you want to change the default windows 7 theme.



That’s it for the 2nd part, check out part 3 for the actual visual theme customization tutorial.

2 thoughts on “How to apply visual styles on Windows 7 part 2

  1. I don’t know what you could have done with Rainmeter to make it use “a lot of resources”. I run about 20 skins constantly and it only uses 20Megs of my 2Gigs and about 2% of my single core P4 3.0Ghz processor. If you would like some help in understanding Rainmeter we have a very active forum.

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