How to use applications without installing them on hard drive

Yup, the title really sounds like awesome huh? But what I’m going to tell you is just a simple little trick that I have discovered while using the program called Sandboxie. Which I mainly use for executing browsers, explorer window, and programs in a safe-mode way. Meaning, isolated from the operating system. In other words, viruses, malware, and other nasty stuff couldn’t get in the operating system. Well, that’s only in my opinion. But I still believe in the power of Sandboxie after about 4 years of using it.

You can actually use Sandboxie in many different ways. And what I’m going to tell you in this article is how to use it to use application without actually installing them on your hard drive. Just installing it in the computer memory or RAM by using the virtualization power of Sandboxie.

  1. First thing that you need to do is of course to download sandboxie. If you don’t already have it.
  2. Install it. 
  3. Right click on ‘Computer’ then select ‘run sandboxed’.
  4. You’ll now have a sandboxed version of the windows explorer. Now you need to navigate on the file that you want to install. Then install it.
  5. Of course, there won’t be any start menu or desktop shortcuts that would be showing up on your ‘unsandboxed windows explorer’. So what you’ll need to do is to navigate to ‘Program Files’ using of course, the sandboxed explorer window.
  6. You can now execute the application, however, just ignore any prompt that Sandboxie will tell you which regards to recovering the files that you have just installed. But for example, you installed an archive extracting application like 7-zip or Pea zip. Then you used it to extract files, then you should recover those files, but only those files that you extracted. You should be able to recognize it by means of common sense.

Note: Not every application may work. I don’t have a list right now but I’m going to list every application that I have tried someday. Applications installed using this way may also be a little unresponsive but still better than installing them in a virtualbox especially if you’re low on system memory.


That’s how you can use Sandboxie to use applications without actually installing them on your hard drive.

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