How to stay safer on the internet

In this tutorial, I will show you the ways on how you can be safer while connecting to the internet. Whether you are connecting to the internet via an unsecured wi-fi hotspot or a wired connection, it doesn’t matter because the tips that I’m going to show you here is applicable for both connection types.



-Short for Web Of Trust. It is an add-on which can be installed on a browser. Its main role in life is to determine the authenticity and safeness of a website.

You can see the rate of a website by looking at the color of the WOT icon.

  • Red- Very poor
  • Orange –Poor
  • Yellow- Unsatisfactory
  • Light Green-Good
  • Green- Excellent

To download WOT, just go into their site:

And as you can see from this screenshot, it can be installed on the 5 major browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera





You can also be safer by editing your hosts file. You can find the hosts file by navigating to:


All you need to do now is to replace your original hosts file with this one:

Don’t worry it is safe, if you will examine the file carefully. You will find that most of the sites that are in there are advertisement sites like infinity ads. Which isn’t really that useful for us users, and those sites might even contain malicious code in them, so its better if we block our computer from being able to access it.

If you have other sites that you wish to block, like the time waster You can do so by adding this line at the end of your hosts file:

If you don’t know what is, then it’s the localhost. Which means that you are blocking the site which is beside it, in this case from the localhost or your computer itself.




This is already old, but still worth mentioning. Antivirus software is not mandatory if you use your common-sense while using your computer.

But still its good to have one installed on your computer to back you up in case you suddenly slipped into browsing a malicious site.

Free antivirus software will do, if I’m going to recommend you one, I’d pick the two below:

    • Avast Free – The interface is the main reason why I pick this. But the protection is also good.
    • MSE – Most of the people at howtogeek and lifehacker recommends this one. And I’m currently using it.




Definitely needed, tracking cookies and flash cookies exists everywhere in the internet. If you don’t want to have this cookies lurking on the insides of your operating system. Then you must use these two:

    • MBAM –Malware Bytes Anti Malware. This one is recommended by our school. It really has nice detection rates when it comes to spyware and other malwares.
    • SAS –Definitely SUPER. I use this one every time and it never fails in detecting different kinds of cookies and malware.




If you want to be totally secured ,then you should use NoScript, an extension for firefox used for blocking javascript, java, flash and other web plugins. Of course this would mean a boring web experience, but this way you would be totally secured. You can also enable javascript, java, and flash for sites you consider safe.

Here’s the link to NoScript.



You can also customize your browser so that it would disable javascript, images, flash, cookies, plugins, pop-ups while you are browsing. This is similar to installing NoScript. But without installing anything which would consume an additional amount memory on your system.

In Google Chrome, all you have to do is to click on the wrench icon on the upper right corner of the window and select options.

After that, go to the ‘under the hood’ tab. Under the ‘privacy’ section, click on the ‘content settings’. This is now easy, all you have to do now is customize the options and you’re good to go.





That is all I have to say about staying safe on the internet. The most important aspect of staying secured on the internet is still common sense. You can have the most expensive antivirus in the whole world but if you don’t apply your common sense while browsing then you’re still not secured.

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