Installing Joomla part 2

This is the second part of the tutorial on how to install Joomla.

I’m not going to discuss the FTP Configuration in detail here. You’ll have to search somewhere else if you want to have an FTP server work with this Content Management System.

All you have to do now is to click ‘next’ then next again until you get to this screen:


As you can see above, it says that you need to delete the installation directory in order for this one to work. Just navigate on the folder where you put Joomla. Mine is in:


Just find the folder named ‘installation’ and delete it.


You’ll see something like this if you haven’t deleted the installation folder yet:


Once you have deleted that you’re now ready to go to the administration panel. To do that, just type in:


The joomla depends on the name of the folder you have included in the web accessible directory.

You’ll see something like this if you succeeded:


If you’re like me, and you have forgotten what you have inputted a while ago then you can find the username on PhpMyAdmin or MySql console if you wanna get fancy.

Just navigate to the name of the database you have inputted a while ago. Then click on jos_users. The first user their would be the administrator. The password you will find is not the password you’ve inputted since the password that is stored is being encrypted. You’re out of luck if you have forgotten the password.


After you have succeeded in logging in, you’ll see something like this:


That’s the admin panel where you can get fancy performing different content management system related action without actually knowing how to code in php or ruby or python.



That’s how you install Joomla. There won’t be any part 3 for this one. Since it only covers the Joomla installation. I might make other tutorials like this for Joomla so stay tunedSmile

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