Using different PHP Versions

In this tutorial I will show you how you can use different Php, Apache , and MySql versions on your Wampserver installation.

We basically use different versions of php because there are some web applications like WordPress, bbPress, Joomla, or drupal. Or even web frameworks like Yii or Symfony which are compatible only of working for a limited number of php versions.

It is because some of the php codes that are being used in the past are deprecated. Deprecated means that the code is not anymore updated.

Read more about code deprecation on this site:

That is why developers really need to do this at times because every upgrade in a php version, there is a code that is being deprecated or left behind. Maybe because its not anymore secure. Or it is not anymore applicable to current coding standards. Or there is a better code for the code that is being replace. Which might be more secure or optimized.


So to install different versions of php, mysql and apache. Just head over to:

And download the php version that is applicable to the web application or web framework that you want to install.

Just download the installer then install it. Don’t worry when wampserver is still running. The installer will automatically terminate it.

After installing. You just have to select the php version that you want to use by going to the wampserver tray icon. Left click the icon, select php then select the version you want to use.


After that, just reset wampserver and the changes will take effect.

The same process can be applied when installing different mysql and apache versions.

Just be careful though. Sometimes you will get to the point where you will see something like this, when you try to mix different php version with different mysql and apache versions:

wampserver error

When you encounter that problem, just stick with the wampserver defaults:

Apache 2.2.17
Php 5.3.3
Mysql 5.1.53 (version 64 bits)
Mysql 5.5.8 (version 32 bits)

Just go to the installation folder of php, mysql and apache and delete those versions that you think crippled your installation. Just go to:


There you will see 3 folders:


Open them one by one, for example, I opened the mysql folder:


You can delete the one that is highlighted. Because it’s the one that didn’t came with the default wampserver installation.

Do this for the php and apache versions and everything will be fine again. Just make sure to end the process for wampserver before trying to delete anything:


Click on the end process button to end the wampmanager.exe process.

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