How to kill windows update

In this guide I will show you the ways on how to ultimately stop the windows update. There are many reasons why you would want to disable it:

  • It consumes bandwidth – people like us who has only about 50 kbps of download speed has barely enough bandwidth to even care about the windows update.
  • It is annoying – how many times did you see the popup on the lower right portion of the screen when windows update is enabled? It even prompts you to restart your computer once an update has been installed. And it never really stops not until you give up and restart the computer.
  • It consumes battery – this is true since every application that runs on the background consumes battery
  • It may sometimes cripple your system – there is once an update that I have installed in my machine. But it did something nasty because it made the enter key on my keyboard do something else other than what its made for. Every time I press the enter key the power options in the control panel shows up.

So here are the ways on how to kill it. You may use just one of them or use all of them. It would be better if you use all the methods since it may sometimes come back.


Control Panel

First, go to control panel then select windows update


Then select change settings.


Then just copy the settings which I have set here. Then press ok.





The second method is by using the built-in utility for windows called the msconfig. To run it, just search for msconfig on the windows 7 search box.

Click on the services tab then search for windows update. Uncheck it, click apply then ok. Then restart your system.


What we just did was to stop the windows update service from executing during system startup.




The final method goes together with the second method so you might as well do the second method first before doing this.

What we will do here is to stop the windows update from running if it is still running even after disabling it from running during startup.

Just search services.msc on the windows 7 search box then execute it by either clicking on pressing enter on your keyboard.

Search for the windows update then click on the stop link located at the middle portion of the services.msc window.





That’s how you can kill the windows update service. But by doing this you wont receive anymore updates from microsoft.

Updates aren’t really necessary if you know your way when dealing with computers. Just stay safe  in the internet by following this guide. And you are fine without the security updates from microsoft.

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