How to become a keyboard ninja

In this article I will share to you the guidelines that I am currently following in order to become a keyboard ninja. If you’re reading howtogeek you would probably know what a keyboard ninja means. If not, then here’s my long definition:

A keyboard ninja is someone who knows his way when his in front of a computer. Someone who has computer-skills which are higher than average. A technical being who is expert in computer games, programming, web-designing, and almost know every command that can be used in the command line. He also types 61 words per minute or higher and has about 100% accuracy. He also is updated of the current trends, technology and events in the world of IT. He also knows how to build and destroy a computer. And last but not the least, he spends 10-20 hours in front of the computer per day.

So here are the guidelines that I’m currently following, at least some actually:

  1. Always keep yourself updated – for this one, I usually check out my Google Reader and my StumbleUpon account everyday. is also a good choice.
  2. Give yourself a time to play– its not necessary that you will play cityville or farmville.  What I mean by give yourself time to play is that you need to always get your hands dirty. Play with different software, familiarize your self with it, experiment. Doesn’t matter if you mess things up, there’s always deepfreeze to save the day. You can also play with different programming and scripting language if you want to get fancy.
  3. Rest – of course, keyboard ninjas are still human beings and they still need to give ourselves a rest as a part of self-respect. If you think you are burned out then to rest is probably the first thing that you should do.
  4. Work on side projects– always have time for side-projects. Or projects that are not originated from work or school. People sometimes call it personal projects. It doesn’t matter what kind of project it is. What’s important is that it will help you gain some  experience.
  5. Exercise– the one that I usually forget or purposely forget. Exercise is necessary for optimum functioning of the brain. I currently do not have links to support what I’m saying so just check out these links from lifehacker.
  6. Sleep– as I have said in point number 3. Were not cyborgs, robots or the terminator. We should get enough sleep to give our brains a boost. Here’s a link to support my point.
  7. Collaborate with people who share the same interest– this is what I’ve recently done. That’s why I created a facebook group called: Assoc of Keyboard Ninjas. You can join if you want.
  8. Discover more about what interests you – StumbleUpon is the keyword here. Check out the site if you want to know what do I mean. But you can also watch some computer-related videos.
  9. Basics first– drown yourself in lots of tutorials regarding the subject you want to learn. Be it video tutorials, ebooks or podcasts.
  10. Ask what you do not know– If there are people who you think you can help you with your problem then don’t hesitate to ask. Just don’t overdo it though, because there are things which only require common sense to solve. Just carefully think about your problem first, ask Google a dozen of times before you go asking here. Always remember that pride won’t bring you anywhere especially if you’re just beginning.
  11. Share what you know– the best way to learn is to teach. That’s why I suggest that you should also put up your own blog or your own youtube channel.  Doesn’t matter if its blogger, wordpress, or multiply. As long as you got to share what you know without peeking at a source.
  12. Play games– this one is connected to point number 6 and 3. As they say, all work and no play makes you a lazy boy. We must always find time to play even if the time is harsh. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mindless-game or an educational game that we are playing as long as we get to relax. Games may also stimulate our minds that’s why I consider it necessary.



That’s it for this article. I hope I have shared to you something useful. If you think I have missed something here then just share it to me on the comments.

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