How to code properly

In this article I’ll be sharing to you the things that I usually do when I try to program or code something.

It really doesn’t matter what programming language you are currently working with. Since there is always the same rules to be applied when you’re working with codes.

  1. Always start with the basics– since not all of us are like Mark Zuckerberg. We should always begin with the basics. In order to gain an idea of what to expect with the more advanced principles and tricks that you could do with the programming language you’re working with. If you’re working with Java, since it is an object-oriented programming language. You should try to learn first about classes and methods. If that’s to much for you then begin with the very basics of programming languages. The if statements, switch, for loops, while loops, etc.  If you’re working with and you’re using visual studio to program. Then you might as well read some books or blogs about the IDE itself before trying to get wild doing some ninja tricks using When I say IDE, the Integrated Development Environment. It is visual studio, or the software that you use to program in a certain language. You must study what you can do with the IDE first before proceeding with the language since IDE’s has many built-in features that would make your life easier as a programmer. Always remember, that it consumes more time to jump into the more advanced stuff and start coding. Than to start with the basics and gain the necessary knowledge to deal with the more advanced.
  2. Analyze– programming requires analysis and common sense. You just have to analyze the sample code, if you have one. And try to integrate it into your own. You can have enough knowledge required by the analysis if you have red the basics enough.
  3. Debugging– when trying to debug a code, the technique that I have learned is that removing bits of the whole code, and trying to execute. That is very useful if you don’t know exactly where to find the primary suspect. If you can’t find the problem then you might as well start over again. But this time analyze it carefully.
  4. Let others test what you have done- sometimes the programmer can’t really pinpoint where his error is since he’s the one who made it. So others should test the output for it to be more reliable and bug-free.

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