How to bypass open dns

Here’s a guide on how you can bypass open dns. If ever its blocking you from accessing any site.

I don’t know if this will work 100%. But I think overriding the DNS server used by your ISP or your connection provider will do the trick.

First thing that you’ll need to do is to select your connection properties, right click on your network icon. If directly connected to a cable you will see a monitor-like icon, if connected via wi-fi, then you’ll see something like this:


As you can see here, I’m currently connected to LC-GYM access point. Because that’s the fastest in our school.


Then click on properties


Then select the IP Version 4. And click on properties


In this guide, I’ll be using google dns server. You may also use other dns server if you want. And I think you can also use your own open dns and override the configurations in the router or access point to make the site that you want to access become accessible.


Google dns server is: and

Just check the validate settings upon exit to make sure that you will have no problems using the new dns server.

Wait for a few minutes, and you’ll be able to access everything. You can also download torrents if the dns server is the one who is responsible in blocking it.

22 thoughts on “How to bypass open dns

  1. what if open dns is on the router and not the computer? can open dns be used on vlans, because it seems like different parts of the school are blocked differently.

    • It’s possible to override depending on the configuration in the router, some configures it so that if you’re using a different dns automatically blocks your connection. Did you already try it?

  2. This is so awesome. Especially waiting the first few minutes where I have doubts about it not working, but then it suddnely works.

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