How to effectively use text-editing applications

In this article, I’m going to show you a way on how to use a text-editing tool effectively. Text-editing tools allows you to edit html, php, javascript and css files. Or any other type of file which is usually associated with a programming or scripting language. You can basically use it to create a program or a website depending on how you use it. But there are times that we forgot to use it effectively and make use of all its functions to make our work easier.

I’m currently using programmer’s notepad for programming in Java and working on our project in Software Engineering because I’m not really a fan of visual editors wherein you will have just to drag an element into a canvas to make your design.

PN is nice because, it automatically closes a statement:


It also features code folding and line numbers:


And all the other features which are common to text-editors.

Now, what I want to point out here is the use of the find and replace tool. Which can be use in many different ways depending on what you want to perform.

I mainly use the find and replace tool to search for lines of code which I want to replace so that I won’t replace them manually.

For example, I want to replace the ul tag here, with an ol tag:


What I would do is to press ctrl + h on my keyboard. That’s a shortcut for find and replace. And I would just do something like this:


And click on replace all, so that all the ul tags would be replace by an ol tag.



There are still many uses of this tool, it depends upon you on how to use it effectively. Thanks for reading.

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