Empty mysql tables

This is a quick guide on how you can empty all of the records that is stored on a mysql table. This is useful for testing purposes, when you want to declutter the database. You can also think of different things where to use the truncate function if you’re creative.

query_database("truncate table purchase_transactions", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table sales_transaction", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table vendor_credit", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table supplier_table ", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table reports", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table customer_table", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table customer_credit", "onstor", $link);
query_database("truncate table categories", "onstor", $link);

That’s how you do it the long method. Here are some supplements if you want to learn how to do it in a shorter way:



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