How to easily install multiple applications

In this guide. I’m going to show you how you can install applications without clicking next and next and then finish. That’s the usual way of installing applications. But today I’m going to introduce to you an application which can be used to install multiple applications without actually going through the usual steps.

We will be using the All My Apps desktop application to do that. If you’ve been keeping up with some blogs like Lifehacker or Howtogeek. You might have known that there was a web application called All My Apps. Which can be used to select all the applications that you want to install on your computer and it will let you download a single executable file that can be used to install all of those applications that you have selected.

First thing that you need to do is to register an account for All My Apps. Just go to and click on  the big ‘Sign-up and Download’ button. And type in all the information that’s being asked.

After registering for an account you will be prompted to download the All My Apps installer. Download that and install it on your computer:


Execute the All My Apps application. Then input the email address and password that you used earlier to register:


Then click on the connection button.

Select the application that you want to install when you are on the main screen. As an example, I’m going to install MalwareBytes. 

You still have to agree with the EULA or the End User License Agreement before you can install the application.


Click on the install button.

While the application is still downloading. You can actually select another application to install.


As you can see from the screenshot above. I have both MalwareBytes and CCleaner waiting to be installed.

Just to the step over and over and you can have as many applications that you can install as long as it is on the list.

All My Apps will handle all the pains of installing applications and you can actually launch the app from All My Apps itself:


And here’s the screenshot from the list of programs which are installed on my computer. As you can see, CCleaner and MalwareBytes are already installed.




The list is full of applications but still very limited. I hope they would add applications like Adobe Master Collection or Visual Studio. And also support for an offline installer so that there would be no need to be wasting lots of bandwidth. Especially if the user has already saved an offline installer on his/her hard drive.

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