PSP Video Settings

I haven’t been writing about PSP related stuff for a while. So I’ll take this time to tell you about video settings in PSP. Or Play Station Portable.

I use Freemake Video Converter when I want to watch movies or anime episodes on the PSP. As the name implies. Its free and its really very good at converting videos from one format to another. One of them is the format which is recognized by PSP. To cut this guide short I’m just going to show you a screenshot that contains the settings for optimal video viewing on your PSP:


You can edit the setting if you want but that’s the one that I recommend. Especially the frame rate. If you go higher than 29.97 fps. You might notice a lag while watching the video on your PSP. And if you mess up with the audio settings Freemake Video Converter might give you an output that’s not watchable. Since the sound and the video is not in sync.



That’s it for this short tutorial. Just be careful in using video converters though. Since they consume lots of graphics and processor power. It might even be a cause for an overheat of the different parts of your computer since the heat dissipates from the mostly used components to the other components that’s not directly used by the converter.

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