Turn off display while windows media player is open





If ever you’re wondering how you can turn off the laptop display while windows media player is often. In this guide, I’ll show you how to do it.

You might have tried going to control panel, and selected power options


And tried turning off the display after 1 minute:


But figured out that it doesn’t work since the computer might be thinking that you’re actually watching a video on your computer. And turning off the display would be rude.


First thing that you have to do is to download nircmd. And extract the contents using winrar or any file archiving software.

Open up wmp and select all the songs you want to play.

Copy nircmd.exe to somewhere easily accessible. You can copy it to the desktop if you want.

Then press the shift key on your keyboard and right-click on the desktop. Select open  command window here:


At this point your music should already be playing. If you haven’t started playing it yet. Then play it now, since the monitor will be turned off in the next step.

Type the following commands on the command window that you opened up earlier:


The display should already be turned off by now. But remember that you can turn it back on by moving the mouse.



Turning off the display while playing music can help save electricity or battery. Its always nice to turn off the display if you’re making your computer act like a big mp3 player.

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