How to make codes work

Let’s face it. We cannot just copy some code from the internet and expect for it to work. Sometimes we need to tweak it to fit our needs.

What I’m going to discuss is about making codes work in a general point of view. So don’t expect that you’ll have the skill to make codes work by just reading this article. Programming experience is actually needed to make codes pulled off from the internet to work. Its not really that easy to make someone else’s code work. It takes time especially if you’re just a beginner.

Here’s what you need to get things work for you:


Programming experience

Doesn’t actually matter if you only know the basics of programming. Knowing the basics is good enough.



If the first one didn’t do good for you. You can do some research. Try googling the bits of code you don’t understand, and know what it does.


Common sense

Yes, common sense is pretty much needed to make codes work. Understand the code. If there is a demo available. Then try it first, so that you’ll know what it actually does. If there is no demo available, then perhaps you can try it on your own. By means of trial and error. That’s what I usually do so that I will know what I’m actually working with.



A good IDE, or Integrated Development Environment is also needed. They say that you will become a lazy programmer if you use an IDE. And I agree with them but there is one advantage that beginners can use to benefit from an IDE. That is to learn and test some code. Since most IDE’s come with intelli-sense feature which predicts what the user is going to type. I recommend Netbeans IDE if you’re into Java. Just try using it so you’ll know what I mean.



After dealing with the syntax errors. You still have to deal with yet another animal. That is logic errors. You need to properly order your code to obtain the result that you want to get. You can make use of an algorithm if you’re having trouble sequencing the codes in your head. A simple numbered list would do if you’re dealing with simple problems.


Ask for help

If ever you’re stuck with something and can’t actually get it to work. Then perhaps its time to ask for help from the experts. There’s always Stackoverflow that you can count on. It’s a community of programmers. Beginners, experts, and masters are all gathered in the community to learn and to help. Just be sure to ask intelligently and nicely though. And don’t ask something that has already been asked. Do some research first on their site by using the (surprise!) search bar. And please don’t ask something stupid. And lastly don’t even think of asking if your english is half-cooked.


Learn more

If my advises above didn’t actually do you any good. Then perhaps you have to enlighten yourself even more. By making use of a tutorial. In the programming language that you’re dealing with. Watch videos on programming. Read then read again.




That’s it for this article. I’m actually a beginner myself. But I care less if I’m really in the position to be telling stuff. But those advises at the top is what I usually do to make codes work. And I think its really effective if you really put your heart into what you’re doing.

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