How to edit a certificate in photoshop

This tutorial is yet another one of my personal experiences. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can edit a certificate like the one below.


What we’ll do here is just to change the name which is indicated in the certificate.


Tools and resources

  • Stamp tool –to replace certain parts of the picture with the parts you  specified
  • Eye dropper tool – to copy the color
  • Horizontal type tool – to enter text
  • What the font – for identifying the font used in the certificate
  • 1001freefonts – where you can download fonts


First thing to do is to visit the links below. I’m not really into repeating things which are already available. So just visit the links.

How to use eyedropper tool in photoshop

How to use clone stamp tool


Now that you know how to use those tools. You can apply what you’ve learned by erasing the name that’s already in the certificate.

After doing that. You can now use the available fonts in photoshop. If the font is not available then you need to determine what font is being used in the certificate. First you need to take a screenshot of the name that you want to replace:



And upload it to what the font:


Then verify if its getting the correct interpretation of the different letters in the image you uploaded:


The results:


The font will look similar to the one in the original image. Select one of those and search it on 1001freefonts. Then download the font.

Here’s how to install the font that you have just downloaded:

How to install fonts in windows

Remember that you don’t have to restart photoshop in order for you to use the newly installed font. It fonts that you can use will automatically be updated the moment you install a new font.


Here’s how to use the horizontal type tool:

How to use horizontal type tool

All you have to do now is to type in your name using the new font. Here’s  a sample output. Its not as clean as the original one. But its good enough.


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