Reset chrome settings

Ever wondered how you can reset google chrome to its default settings? How you can uninstall all of the extensions and plugins at once? Read on, and I’ll tell you how.

First you have to search chrome on Windows 7/Vista start menu. Right click it, then select properties:


Copy the path specified in the target. Don’t include the chome.exe part.

In most cases, that path that you have copied should look like this:


Only the username will change. In this case the username is Aizen.

Paste that path into any windows explorer window. Then press enter. You will now see something like the one below:


All you have to do now is to delete the first run file. Be sure that chrome is closed when you do this. And launch it again, after you deleted the file.

You’ll now see that all your extensions have been uninstalled. And most probably your browser will feel a little faster.

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