How to solve skype and wampserver conflicts

When you are programming in php. And you’re using wampserver. You might have notice that when you also have skype installed. The wamp icon in the notification area is color yellow. And it only means one thing. That some of the components cannot initialize properly. But this is only true if you have skype and wamp running at the same time.

There’s a conflict between the two since mysql(a component of wampserver) uses the same port with skype.

Here are the ways on how to solve this annoying problem:


Quit Skype



Pretty much self explanatory. Quit skype by right-clicking on the tray icon and select quit. Then restart wampserver by left-clicking its tray icon the select restart all services.


Uninstall Skype


If you’re not really using Skype. Then why not uninstall it.


Change MySql port


Left click wampserver tray icon. Select MySQL then click on my.ini. If this is the first time you do this. Then just select notepad to open the file.

Once you opened the file in notepad. You will see a bunch of text. Just look for the line which says:

   1: port=3306

And change it to:

   1: port=3309

Like the screenshot below:


Hit ctrl + s on your keyboard. Then perform the restart all services magic. If that doesn’t do the trick then select a random number then change the port number again.



You can also do the magic tricks above. If you’re experiencing other port conflicts on your other applications.

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