How to use named scopes in Rails

In this tutorial I will show you how you can use named scopes to make querying the database even more easier.

I will describe named scopes as methods defined by the user inside a certain model.

You can find the models inside your app/models folder.

Here’s what it looks like the first time you open it up:

class Subjects < ActiveRecord::Base


To define a scope, just type in ‘scope’ followed by :methodname. Then comma followed by your condition.

scope :visible, where(:visible => true )

By just looking we already know that what we are querying here is the field called visible. And every time the visible method is called, it will return an array of all the records which has a true value in the field called visible.

Here’s how to call it from the rails console. Note that s here is a user defined variable, you can name it anything you want. Then Subjects is the name of the model but you need to capitalize the first letter to stick with the rules defined by Rails.

s = Subjects.visible

Here’s the result:


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