How to transfer utorrent downloads

Sometimes when we are downloading something big. We think of using multiple computers to do the download. For example, using your laptop when at school. And using the desktop when at home. In this article, I’ll tell you how you can continue your utorrent downloads from one computer to another.



  • Torrent File
  • Incomplete download
  • Removable media which can store the incomplete download.


Transfer downloads

I’ll assume that you already have a file which is currently downloading. So end the utorrent process from the task manager.


We need to do this so that you won’t get the file in use error.

Copy the file to your removable media (Flash drive, External Hard Drive,  Memory Stick, etc. ). Together with the .torrent file.

Open up the other computer. Make sure that you also have utorrent installed.

Open the .torrent file.

Change the download location to that of your external media.

Utorrent will do the rest. It will actually check first if the file already exists and if it exists then it will just continue the download.

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