How to keep your computer awake while downloading something

If you are like me, and you leave your computer while it downloads some torrents. Then you should be using applications which will shutdown your computer after the download has finished. That is if you are actually concerned with your electric bills.

There’s a software called shutdown timer. From Sinvise Systems which monitor your network adapter. What it does is to monitor your network activity if there is a data that flows through it.

While I’m downloading something  using uTorrent. You will see that Shutdown Timer will indicate the download and upload speed in its interface.


Here are the settings that you should input if you want to use shutdown timer to shutdown your computer when your download speed drops below 1kbps.


Download speed dropping below 1kbps can only mean one thing. The download is done. As indicated in the screenshot, the system will shutdown 1 minute after the download speed has dropped down below 1kbps.

While still downloading something. You will see that the status is waiting. Its waiting for the event that we indicated a while ago.


Once I exit uTorrent. You will see that it will wait for 1 minute before it shuts the system down. Of course, I immediately turned uTorrent again so that it wont shutdown the system.


But be careful when using this, if you have antivirus software which auto-updates. You might want to set it to manual update, because it might interfere with the results you want to have. Since its not only torrent downloads which are being monitored here. Every data which flows through the network adapter. As long as the transfer rate is above 1kbps, it can interfere with the software.

Not only antivirus software, every software on your system which connects to the internet like browsers, cloud backup applications like dropbox, Internet Messaging client like Yahoo Messenger, and also your twitter or email client.



Shutdown timer from Sinvise Systems, is a pretty neat tool to use when you’re a download junkie like myself. Just be careful, when using it because every network activity is being monitored. Which can interfere with the actual shutdown time.

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