Laptop battery saving tips

Yeah, I know there has been many articles that shows you how to save your battery. And make it last longer. But this time, I’m just going to list some of the tips that might have been missed.

Here’s an article from, which shows how to increase your laptop’s battery life.

You might as well read it first and come back here later if you think you can still do more to increase the battery life of your laptop.

Here’s my list:

  • Disable browser extensions, plugins and themes

Extensions or add-ons are pieces of software which gives extra functionality to your browser. Yeah, its also a software therefore it still consumes memory in order to run. That’s why you need to disable them if your aren’t actually using them.

The same is true with themes. It customizes the look of the browser, but it doesn’t do it without a price. Custom themes still consume more battery life than the classic or original theme.

In Chrome, type in the address bar:


Then just click on the disable link for every extension that you want to disable.


You can also disable some plugins, type in the address bar:


But be sure to remember the current settings so that you can just follow them later if you have any problems with the configuration.

  • Disconnect any devices which you do not use

Pretty much a common sense tip. You can actually save much power by just disconnecting your mouse, external hard drive, earphones, or anything connected in your laptop which you don’t currently use. In my case, when I disconnected my optical mouse from my laptop I actually save half of the battery life.

      • With mouse – 1 hour
      • Without mouse – 2 hours

But of course, not all mouse are the same. If you have a wireless mouse which has its own battery then this tip isn’t really applicable.

  • Use safe mode

Haven’t really tried this one, and I don’t really think its effective. But you could try to use windows in safe mode. This will only execute services which is needed by windows to run. Therefore, there will be minimal applications and services that will run on the background. Which means, lesser amount of memory to consume. Lesser amount of processes to be performed by the cpu.

  • Disable antivirus

Not really a very good idea if you are connected to the internet or any device which can store viruses. This is only useful if you are only working with an office application. And you don’t really need to connect to the internet.

Here’s how you do it in Avast:


  • Use Granola

This might be contrary to running minimal applications in the background. But Granola is different it helps you minimize the amount of power consumed by your processor. I have already mentioned about it twice in this blog:

How to maximize laptop battery lifespan

Laptop battery equals less processor power


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