Connecting to mysql using dreamweaver

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can connect your php application to mysql using dreamweaver. If you already know how to connect mysql and php, and you are looking for an alternative way to connect those two together then this tutorial is for you.

Things you’ll need

  • Adobe Dreamweaver – You can use either cs4 or cs5.
  • Wampserver



Things to do

First open up Dreamweaver. Then create a new site if you haven’t created a site yet.


Just name the new site to whatever you want and browse for the site folder. The path should be something like:


Next, click on the servers tab. Then click on the add button to add a new server.



On the Basic tab, type in any server name you want. But connect using Local/Network. The server folder should be the root directory or the www directory if you are using wamp. Web URL should be http://localhost since this is only a testing machine where you develop applications. If not then you might want to type in the ip address of the computer where wampserver is installed. It may look something like: That’s just a sample ip address, don’t go ahead and type that one.


Next click on advanced tab. Set server model as PHP MySQL


Next, uncheck the remote, and check testing. And click save.


Then you have to switch to app developer plus workspace. On the right-hand panel, select the databases tab, then select databases tab again. Click on the add button, and select MySQL Connection.


Connection name should be anything you want, MySQL server would be localhost, default username would be root and you can just type in the name of the database  that you are going to work with or just click on the select button and select the database from the list. Lastly, click on the test button to check if you are really connected or not. You might want to launch wampserver first, and that its already online before clicking on the test button.


You can now see that the database tab is already filled with table information, views , and stored procedures.





That’s it for this tutorial, next time I’ll be showing you how you can create forms based on the fields on the tables in the database. Of course, this will all be done without actually coding a single line of code.
But I do not actually recommend this method if you are still learning about php and mysql. Because you wouldn’t actually learn how to code things if you do it this way. Its much better if you also know how to code things and fully understanding how they work before you dive in the shortcut methods to accomplish things such as these.

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