How to hide from people on facebook

I’m not really in the mood to watch tutorials and increase my tool set today. So I’m going to teach you how you can stay offline from the facebook chat for the people that you specify. Yeah that’s right, you can now hide from your teachers if in case you are not in school and you are just doing facebook at home.

First you have to login. Then click on the Account tab. Then select edit friends.


Then click on create a list.


Next, name the list anything you want. And search for the people you want to hide from. Yeah you can go ahead and select all your teachers if you want.


After selecting all the people you want to hide from. Click on create list


Finally, you can just click on Go Offline beside the list that you have created. (Yup I ‘m really lazy to open up photoshop and do some filter on those, fyi I’m just using the good old Ms Paint to edit my screenshots. So pardon me if that doesn’t look very good to you)


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