Converting ms sql to mysql database

I’m really in a blogging mode yesterday and today. Because this is the last day of vacation and I don’t think I’ll be able to write things for a while that’s why I’m doing the best I can to add up entries to my blog.

Okay, enough with my life story. This time I’m going to show you the easiest way on how to convert an existing ms sql database into a mysql database. People call this database migrations (Yup there’s also database migrations in Rails but that’s a different one).

Before I proceed, let me tell you that I have found an article from the mysql site which discusses about this thing:

I recommend that you go and check it out first. So that you’ll understand the basic concepts on database migrations.


  • Existing ms sql database
  • DRPU Database converter – MS SQL to MySQL
  • Wampserver


First, you have to give a password to your root user using phpmyadmin. Because DRPU database converter doesn’t allow you to go any further if there is no password. We need it to be the root user because it has the most privileges to all the databases that is on the mysql database server. You might get some errors in the DRPU database converter if you don’t use the root user.

Next, install DRPU database converter. You can use Sandboxie if you just want to try this software. Here are the things that you need to input:

  • MS SQL Server – the computer name
  • MySQL Server – default would be localhost
  • Login Name – the user that I told you to create earlier
  • Password – the password of the user that you created


If you don’t know the name of your computer, just go to start->right click computer-> properties.  It looks something like the one below if you’re on windows 7 or vista.


Before you click on next, make sure that the sql service is up and running. Together with wampserver. Make sure that it is online.

Then you’ll see this screen if it has successfully connected. Just click on select all if you are not on the mood to click the tables one by one.


Yeah my example was a bit exaggerated since the SBO-COMMON database is the database that is used by SAP Business One. This one might take forever, so I just terminated the process by deleting the sandbox.

It might just take less than 10 seconds if your database is not as big as the SBO-COMMON database.

And here’s the screenshot when I open it up on Phpmyadmin


You can see from here that the demo version can only export up to 5 records into a mysql database. Doesn’t really matter since it already took the trouble of rebuilding the database from scratch.


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