Restore sessions in Firefox without using a 3rd party solution

If you are the type of person who opens up lots of tabs. But end up not being able to go through it before you shutdown your computer. Then this quick tip will be useful for you. Because were not going to make use of any 3rd party solution like the session manager add-on for Firefox. 

First, open up some tabs. After the tabs has fully loaded. Press ctrl + shift+ esc  on your keyboard to launch the task manager. Under the applications tab. Right click on Firefox and select go to process. It will automatically bring you to the Processes tab with the process for Firefox highlighted. Now you’ll just have to click on end process.


The magic happens when you launch Firefox again:


Make sure that you do this whenever you intend to restore the session later. It works even after you restart your computer. As long as you did the same process that we did here.

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