A foolproof way to backup your web directory

Have you ever reformatted your computer, and later found out that you wiped out your entire c: drive together with your web directory. That’s got to be the most painful experience ever especially if you’re not a fan of backing up your important files. In this article I’ll be showing you a foolproof way on how you can backup your web directory.




First you need to create an account on dropbox. Download the installer from their site and install it on your computer.

Sync Toy

You also have to download and install sync toy. If you don’t already know, sync toy is an application used for (surprise!) syncing to folder together. Its like having a mirror copy of the folder you want to sync. The only downside is that sync toy, in the time of writing of this article. Doesn’t have the ability to run automatically. What’s good is that I’m going to show you later, how you can sync files automatically. That is by using the built-in windows utility called task scheduler.

First thing that you have to do is to select the folder pairs from the sync toy interface. Wherein the left folder is the original, and the right folder would be the folder where you want to mirror the contents of the left folder. In the screenshot below, I chose to place the mirror folder inside my Dropbox folder. This would be a 2-way backup, because you would have a copy of your web directory in the server of dropbox. And also a backup on a different partition in your hard drive. If you want to be super conscious. You can always select another folder pair, still using the web directory as your left folder.



After that, go to options and check to see if the folder pair are active for run all. So that we won’t need to specify the pair name in the task scheduler later.



Task Scheduler

Next, lets configure windows to automatically run sync toy. Because its really a pain in the neck to repeat tasks in your computer. First, you have to click on action – > create basic task.


Select daily.


Just leave this one as it is. But if you want to select the time wherein you usually have your computer turned on. Then change the time. And set it to recur every 1 day.


Select start a program.


Next, you have to search the sync toy folder on your own. But if you also have version 2.1 of sync toy then you can use the screenshot as a basis. Note that the argument is <SPACE>–R. Don’t forget to leave 1 blank space before typing –R. If you’re wondering what –R means, it means run.


This is just a summary of what it will be doing. Just click on finish.



Next, lets check to see if its really working. Just search for the sync toy task under the active tasks. Select it by double clicking


Once you double the sync toy task. Just right click on it and select run. There should be a command line window which would pop up. To test if that pop up command line window is really doing its job. Just change the filename of one of the files in your left folder. Then run the sync toy again. If the filename also changes in your right folder, then the operation is successful.

Note that we just run it here manually to test if its working or not. It will actually launch automatically if you are logged into your computer at the time that you specified earlier.



You can also use this method on any file that you wish to backup. For me, the web directory is the most important because most of the time that is where I’m working, either on a personal project , school project, or just some tests on different web technologies like jquery and php.

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