How to backup ms sql 7 database

I know what you’ll say. Ms sql 7 is a pretty old. But there are still some people who are using it. So I guess its worth telling something about this.

This is the first part of the 3-part tutorial on ms sql 7 database. First I’m going to teach you about backing up data from the Sql Server Enterprise Manager.

Open it up, expand the server of your choice. Usually it’s the one which has the same name as your computer.
Right click on the database > all tasks > backup database.


This window will pop-up. Make sure that the database which you want to backup is selected. In this case it’s the built-in master database. Give it any name. Then click on add.


Browse the directory where you want to save the backup that will be created. Make sure that you also include the filename that you want just after the final backslash. Then click on ok.


Just click ok again if you see this window. It will automatically create a backup of the database which you specified in the directory which you selected earlier.



That’s it for this tutorial. Next time I’ll be showing to you how you can restore the backup which you have created.

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