How to restore ms sql 7 database

In the second part of this 3-part tutorial. I’m going to show you how you can restore the backup that we created on the first part.

First, let’s try creating a new database which will serve as a container for the database which is going to be restored. To do that, just right-click on databases and select new database.


Give the new database a name and click ok.


Next, right-click on the database that you have just created. Select all tasks > restore database.


Make sure that the empty database is the one that is selected in the restore as database drop-down box. Then select the database option. Under the show backups of database select the database which you have backed up.
If there are multiple backups available. Just select the most recent one if that’s what you need.


Next, go to the options tab. And check the option that says force restore over existing database. Then click ok.


If that went smoothly then your database should now be restored.

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