Awesome sites for the tech savvy

In this article I’m going to share to you some of the sites where I get most of the information on anything that is under the  technology category. I’m an IT student at the time of writing so expect that most of the sources I’ll share to you are in one way or another connected to my field.

Most of the people in the web design and development industry, programming industry and the tech industry in general. Upload some of their presentations in this site. Its really a good resource.


The logo speaks up for itself. In this site you will find computer tips, software reviews, cool tools and websites, and other awesome stuff.


This is where the tech news, computer tips, software reviews, cool applications are being integrated into one site.


One of the most awesome sites when it comes to tips on how to perform some geeky stuff on the computer and other gadgets.


One of the most reliable source of tech news from hacking (Lulzsec and Anonymous are really hot in the time of writing of this entry) to everything tech related.


Why did youtube made it to this list? That’s because of the awesome people who use it. In fact I have already made 2 articles to prove how awesome youtube is:


They mostly feature consumer electronics in this site. Gadgets and gizmos for short. Pretty much awesome if you are a techy spending a lot of time fiddling with your gadgets.


If you are not in the mood to do anything productive but still want to learn something, then stumbleupon is for you. As it says in the the logo below, discover your web with Stumbleupon. It’s the ultimate tool for discovering awesome content scattered throughout the internet.



google reader

A service from Google wherein you get to read the content from a site without actually visiting the site. That is through RSS. Just visit so that you’ll know what the heck I am talking about.


This is my current addiction in the time of writing of this article. Twitter is simply awesome for those who wants to follow and get the latest news from a person, a website, a magazine, or anything, anyone under the sun who has a twitter account. But for me, I mainly use it for following tech/software companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe. And some web design and development blogs like sixrevisions, smashingmagazine, line25, speckyboy and others which are also really awesome.


Yet another awesome site. Just use the link above to go there so you’ll know what I mean. But here’s a quick link if you’re here for the tech.




That’s pretty much all I can share to you. If you are reading this and you know of other sites that might be considered as a part of this list, then you might as well share it in the comments below. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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