Where to download anime for free

Here’s a list of sources which you can download anime episodes for free:

Zone Anime


An anime site where you can both stream and download anime. They mostly host their anime episodes on rapidshare and megaupload.

File Type File Size
rmvb 90Mb
avi 190Mb


Anime DLC


As the logo suggests, it’s a place where you can download anime. They are quick in uploading files. Anime that usually appear on streaming sites are offered for download the day after. Its really a nice place to go if you want to download the latest anime. The only downside is that its required that you register before you access the downloads.

An added bonus is that, you can actually submit any issues regarding the anime download if its not working.

File Type File Size
mkv 153Mb


Cyber 12


Yes, the header of their site lacks creativity. But they offer downloads without you having to register. They mostly host the anime episodes on mediafire, megaupload, and fileserve. With downloads classified as high-quality and low-quality. They are also fast at uploading anime episodes. But I think they only host the most recent anime. From 2009-present.

File Type File Size
mkv 256Mb
mp4 56Mb




Another nice place to download or stream anime. Registration is required, but its actually pretty fast and you don’t need to verify the email that you have entered in order to download anime. The only downside is that the high-quality downloads are not for free. This isn’t really the choice to make if you are collecting anime episodes.

File Type File Size
mkv 265Mb
avi 171Mb
mp4(ipod) 56Mb




If you are low on bandwidth but still want to download your anime. Then animeplaza is the choice to make. They offer downloads in rmvb format which runs from 50Mb – 90Mb.  Hosting their files on megaupload, wupload, and fileserve.

File Type File Size
mkv 265Mb
avi 200Mb
rmvb 70Mb



I think this site also deserve a place in this post. I admit that I was watching anime streaming from this site years ago. But I stopped visiting the site when I discovered sites where I can download anime.
I decided to visit it recently and found out that they’re already have anime downloads aside from the usual streaming. So far I think their site is the fastest to release anime streaming and downloads in high quality. They mostly host the downloads on filesonic and fileserve.

File Type File Size
mkv 100Mb and up




The king of awesomeness. They offer high-quality anime episodes in small size. They also have dual-audio, english-dub, and english sub anime episodes. Another awesome thing is that most of the files are hosted on mediafire, which allows the lot of us who has fast internet connection to simultaneously download lots of anime episodes.

File Type File Size
mkv 50Mb – 90Mb




That’s it for this tension-breaking post. Happy downloading!


[image source: minitheatre.org, anime-plaza.nl, realitylapse.com, cyber12.com, animedlc.com, zone-anime.com]

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