Web Development Resources August 2011

This kind of stuff must be familiar to you if you’re always reading web design blogs like Smashing Magazine and NetTutsPlus. They often times call it roundups, wherein they put together a collection of resources on web design.

Well, what you’re reading now is basically my very own roundup. These are things that I might have shared on my GooglePlus, Twitter or Facebook account. Or just something that I stumbled upon recently.



Rumble is a jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates any element you choose. It’s great to use as a hover effect or a way to direct attention to an element. You can control the X, Y, and rotation range, the speed, and event trigger for the rumble.



40 Online Generators

A collection of button generator, tabs generator, css3 generator, graph generator, and other online generators that can make a designer’s life easier.



PHP tutorial

If you think that stuff at php.net are not beginner friendly. Then this page might give you a second thought:



Mega drop-down menus

Another goodie from Soh Tanaka. Mega drop-down menus as the name suggests are drop-down menus which has lots of sub-menus.



Live Validation

javascript plugin for validating text fields



PHP MySQL Web Development Security Tips 

A nice collection of tips for making secure php applications



PHP Magic Constants

magic constants on php are more like built-in functions which returns a value.




10GB of free cloud storage

This isn’t a joke, go visit the link below and try it yourself. Its really 10GB of free storage, and there is no  size limit for each uploaded file. Which means that you can upload a full blu-ray movie as long as your internet connection is faster than lightning mcqueen.


HTML 5 essential resources

A collection of html 5 resources. From the official whatwg site, html5 gurus on twitter, to different frameworks and tutorials on html5



Current state of html5 forms

awesome collection of new html5 forms, and form attributes and their support to the different browsers.



Determine IP address

If you need to quickly know the external ip address used by your computer, then visit:



PHP Ground

Collection of php tutorials. Ranging from the bare-bones php to php frameworks like code igniter.



css background animation

shows you how to animate background using css and a static png file.



Command-line php

Bringing php in the command-line for debugging purposes



PHP Chaining

method chaining in php similar to jquery




awesome site which brings tips, tutorials on web development. Expect to see some jquery, javascript and php stuff.



twig php templating engine

yet another templating engine for php similar to smarty.




The search engine for php developers



sparks on google plus

a nice content discovery tool from google



code hosting sites

another nice collection of sites which hosts web application, desktop application projects.


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