Tools for lazy developers

We’ve heard it countless times before. In order to become a successful developer you need to be lazy. But what exactly does that mean? In this article, I’ll show you what it means to be a lazy developer by sharing you some of the tools that I’m using to make system development faster and easier.


Find and Replace

Use the Find and Replace functionality of the text editor or IDE that you are using. This will be faster, instead of replacing the text one by one. Just be careful though, you might replace something that’s not supposed to be replaced.


Integrated Development Environment

Without a doubt, IDE’s makes life easier for developers. I often call it text-editor on steroids. Since its much like a text-editor but with additional functionalities. Like IntelliSense or auto-completion of code that you are trying to write. Most IDE’s also include a file manager for easier file access. One example of an awesome IDE is Aptana Studio.


Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is also another indispensable tool for developers. Used as a quick reference for functions available for a programming language. Or different kinds of css selectors. Here’s a link where you can download some of the useful cheat sheets for web development.


Code Snippets

Use code snippets if you’ll be using the same functions throughout a project. Code snippets is basically a reusable code. Which you can use over and over again throughout the development of a system. Sometimes it requires some modification to make your code more descriptive. has a huge collection of code snippets available on their site:


Free Scripts

“Don’t reinvent the wheel”. The overly used quote in systems development. This is very true, that’s why sites like dynamicdrive and htmldrive are created in order for us to make use of code that’s already been written before. Yes its not evil to make use of the scripts available on the sites I’ve mentioned above. Just be sure to acknowledge the author of the code by not removing the comments which is a  reference to the author.



I guess that’s it for this roundup. Being lazy is not always a negative trait especially for developers. Just be sure that being lazy for you is not intellectually lazy. Because there’s no room for you to improve if you are too lazy to do anything that can help you improve.

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