23 must have applications

This time I guess I’ll take a break from the usual programming-related article. In this article I’m going to share to you some of the applications that I use on my Windows machine. Yes I’m a Windows user, it’s the Operating System that I grew up with.
And here are the apps that I currently use:

Windows Live Writer

The one and only application that I’m using since I’ve put up this blog. It makes my life easier. Especially when I need to use images, links, tables and other kinds of media. So if you’re a blogger like me, I recommend that you use Live Writer. It supports most of the blogging platforms that you might be familiar with.




The only thing that I could rely on when I can’t remember the specs of the computer that I’m working with. Yes, it gives you a quick overview of what powers up your machine. And that includes the motherboard, cpu, ram, and some of the devices that are installed on your computer.




The all-time favorite browser. Words can really describe how awesome this browser is, so I’ll end this short.




Currently the main-browser that I’m using for browsing the web. Because I believe that its faster and easier to use.




Can play almost all of the media file that you can think of without you having to install a single video codec on your machine. Another bonus is that its cross-platform, so you can still reap its awesomeness whether you are a Linux, Windows, or a Mac guy.




Another kick-ass tool that’s oath to replace the ever-slow Windows default search tool. Just put this tool on your startup folder, give it a shortcut. So that you can summon it anytime you need it. Yes, you’ll only have to wait for a maximum of .5 seconds for the file that you wish to find to appear right in front of your face.




The one stop shop for your OS virtualization needs. VirtualBox allows you to virtualize any OS that you can think of as long as you have the installation disc or and existing image of an OS that has already been installed before. And don’t forget the hardware, because basically you cannot virtualize Mac OS on a mere PC. Except if you have the right PC hardware that allows you to run a Hackintosh.




For syncing files across multiple computers, Dropbox will do the job better than anything else.




Makes setting up a development server easier and faster by bringing together all the applications needed for running up a website. Yes, if you still don’t know it. Wamp stands for Windows, Apache, MySql, Php. Installing these applications individually would actually be a pain in the neck unless you’re a computer geek at heart.



Snipping Tool

The one and only tool that I use for taking screenshots when I make articles for my blog. Though I really had to use printScreen to take this cute little screenshot of Snipping Tool. Its really a very useful tool for bloggers like me who often take screenshots. Oh and by the way, its included in Windows 7 so you don’t have to download and install it separately.





Yet another awesome tool from Piriform. Yes it’s the same company that made Speccy, Recuva, and Defraggler. You might say that I’m a Piriform fanatic because I used almost all of their software.




If I feel like my system is getting slow and I feel like the hard disk is at fault. I make use of this tool to defragment my hard disk.




If you wish to sync all your notes. Everything and anything that you can think of, but not actually wanting to put it on a blog. Then you might also want to use Evernote. This is also a dropbox like software/service, but instead of syncing files. It allows you to sync notes. Its really a good replacement for the default Windows Sticky Notes.




I’ve really come this far in using this app. I guess I’m also one of the people who first used it when it launch. By the way, this app allows you to run any application or even the Windows Explorer inside a Sandbox. This makes the operation more secured since it adds up a layer between the OS and the application. So if the Sandbox gets infected with virus, you can simply delete it without it having to affect the whole OS.




One of the malware removal tools that I trust. I’m not really sure how effective it is in detecting and removing malware. But people from HowToGeek and other reputable tech sites always recommend it all the time. So I guess I have just gone with the flow. But I think this actually live up to its said effectiveness.




For my torrent downloading needs, I use Utorrent. One of the things that I like about it is that its super small installation size. Its actually just 625Kb in my case. Another thing is its simple interface. And lastly, the speed by which it downloads torrents is not that bad.




When I need to download something big, and can only be downloaded through direct-download. I use Free Download Manager.



Programmer’s Notepad

As the name suggests. This is a text-editor. I believe only a few people are using text-editors considering that there already exist a more kick-ass counterpart which is the IDE. But I think text-editors can still get the job done.



Foxit Reader

The pdf-reader that I came to love. I was using Sumatra before I discovered this awesome pdf-reader. Sumatra was lightweight but it can’t actually render pdf files as fast as Foxit, that’s why I chose Foxit. Its faster and it matches my current theme.




The built-in Windows Calculator is good enough for me when I need to perform quick calculations. Or I want to test if the calculations of the system that I’m trying to make is correct.



Freemake Video Converter

For my media-conversion needs I use FVC. Aside from the fact that its free, and its interface is awesome. It also produces high-quality videos in no time. It also allows you to choose the file output size which makes it even more awesome. You can convert a whole bunch of video files from one format to another as you can see from the sceenshot below.




Yeah, I’m really an interface junkie. Once I like the interface of a certain app I test it and see if the face matches the functionality. Oftentimes eye candy apps such as this one passes my test. Peazip supports a whole bunch of archive file types. Ranging from 7z, RAR, ZIP, and many others.



MS Word

Nothing can really replace the suite of productivity apps from Microsoft. And that includes this baby called MS Word.




I guess that’s it for this article. You’ve just known some of the applications that I currently use on my day to day life as a student. Next time I’m going to share to you some of the browser extensions that I’m using.

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