Web Development Resources September 17, 2011

Time for another roundup. I don’t really track what links I’m posting here so a few things might get repeated. Especially now that this is the third time that I’m gonna be doing this. So here’s a bunch of links that you might want to check out:


As the name implies it makes form creation easier.

Form validation hints
A tutorial showing you how to create nice looking validation hints.

Quick lookup for php, mysql, js, and css stuff. Yeah pretty much like a search-engine.

A web-application for checking if your site conforms with design basics.

Use google+ to improve your UI
If you want to use the same UI Elements that are used in Google+. Then you can try this one. They also have some of the UI elements inspired by OS X Lion.

Awesome Javascript library for formatting date and time.

JS Bin
If you want to experiment on some Javascript code, this is the way to go. You can also include some of the most popular Javascript Libraries. Like Mootools, Jquery, Prototype, and YUI.

Yet another Jquery form validation plugin.

Jquery Easing
A jquery plugin for performing animations.

Jquery Animations
A beginner tutorial showing you how to perform animations in jquery.

Php js
Php functions ported to Javascript.






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