How to solve router disconnection problems

Yep! I know why you’re here, you’re  router always disconnects when you’re doing something really important. Like downloading anime or streaming a youtube video.
In this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how to solve the problem.


Reboot the router
You can always reboot the router if it suddenly disconnects. To do that, just access your router from the browser by going to  or
Its not always those two, a little googling will help if you cannot access anything from the addresses that I gave you.
To reboot your router, just go to system tools then select reboot. Click the reboot button if there is any. If the reboot is successful, you’ll be once again connected to the rest of the world.


Reboot the modem
If the first one didn’t do the trick. Then maybe the router isn’t the problem. Just try to reboot the modem if the problem still persist. To do that just open up the cmd. And type the following to release your current ip address:


Then renew it:



Remove the plug
If all else fails, perhaps its now time to remove the plug for about 3 minutes then put it back again. In short a physical reboot.


Ok that’s it. The solutions that I have shared to you are not long-term solutions, the problem might still persist in the future.

2 thoughts on “How to solve router disconnection problems

  1. NONE of these suggestions are actual solutions to the problem. The problem is not how to Reconnect; the problem is to keep it from disconnecting in the FIRST place. Think, Up-streaming music to an Internet radio server. You don’t EVER want to lose that connection.

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