How to setup for a free website hosting

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to setup a website on a free hosting site. Setting up a website on a free hosting site is useful if you want to let other people test the website that you have made without actually having to pay a single cent. But remember that free isn’t really the best solution if you want to tweak something on the configuration files like you usually do in your localhost. Because you can’t actually do stuff like edit your php.ini file or apache .htaccess file on free hosting sites.


Create an account

First you have to create an account at xtreemhost.


Next, select the free account. Don’t be fooled by the BIG sign up button, click the link below it instead.


Then create your domain. Use the link to go the the site.


Once you got an available domain. Click on the checkbox and input the domain name that you have created.

Next, fill out the fields. Make sure that the email address that you entered is valid and that you have access to it.


After the registration, an email will be sent to you which contains your website address, and vista panel login information such as the username and the password.


Account Settings

Next, go to and then login using your username and password.

Once you’re logged in. Click on the Account Settings, which can be found under the help and tutorials section. This is where you will see the mysql username, password and host that you will be using in your database configuration file. This is very important if the site that you are trying to host uses a database.




Next is phpmyadmin where you can create and manage the database that is used by your site. Note that xtreemhost puts your username as the prefix for each of the database that you create, be sure to use the database name that is generated by xtreemhost in your database configuration file. The database configuration file that you’re going to upload on xtreemhost might look something like this:

$db = new Mysqli("", "xth_9920566", "111AAA", "xth_8888888_newsletter");

And this is what it looks like on your local machine:

$db = new Mysqli("localhost", "root", "1111", "newsletter");

It’s different that’s why you have to be careful not to upload the localhost version of your database configuration file if you want things to work out the way you expect it.


File Management

The most important thing that you have to learn is how to upload files to a free hosting site. You can do that by going to the online file manager under the File Management menu. Here is what the file manager looks like looks like:


Most of the time you don’t really have to care about the files in the root folder since you will be working inside of the htdocs folder. The htdocs is where you are going to upload all the files. Initially there’s only the index.html file along with the file that tells you that htdocs is where you should upload your file. Here is what mine looks like:


There are three ways in which you can upload your files: Java Upload, Flash Upload, and regular upload. Most of the time the regular upload will work just fine but if you want a fancier way of uploading your files you can use the java or the flash upload.

Here is what the regular upload looks like:


I recommend using the archive upload since you only have to upload a single zip file and it will automatically be unzipped for you. For this trick to work you must first zip your whole website in the machine that you’re working on, remember to edit your database configuration file before zipping.


Accessing your website

The address where you can access your website is included in the email sent by xtreemhost just go check it out if you’re not sure of the correct address.



That’s it for this tutorial! You’ve learned how to setup files on a free hosting site. Hosting your site for free has its own limitations like the lack of configurability, limited disk space, and it doesn’t actually let you have your own domain because your website address always ends with the

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