Email Newsletters every web developer should subscribe to

Web developers all need to keep up with what’s latest in their field. And email newsletters is one way to keep up with the latest news and technologies in the field of web design and development. Here are some of the email newsletters that you should subscribe to.


JavaScript Weekly

First on the list is JavaScript Weekly. A free, once-weekly email round-up of JavaScript news and articles. Most of the stuff that they’re linking to are cool and awesome. You can checkout their archive and see for yourself.



HTML5 Weekly

This weekly newsletter is also from the same guy that brought us JavaScript Weekly, Peter Cooper. As the name suggests HTML5 Weekly is a newsletter linking to the latest news, articles, and other cool and new stuff on html5.



Ruby Weekly

Yep, if you still haven’t notice stuff from Cooper Press is dominating this post. For all the Rubyist out there this is one newsletter you shouldn’t miss. Keeping up with the latest awesome stuff in Ruby has never been much easier.



Dart Weekly

If you want to keep up with Google’s new Dart Programming Language, essentially designed to replace JavaScript? Then subscribing to this newsletter is the perfect way to do so.



Coder Weekly

This newsletter is not specifically intended for Web Developers and Designers. As the name suggests, this newsletter is for programmers. The stuff that they link to are not necessarily the latest and greatest stuff in programming, they mostly link to programming articles.



JS Mag Blog

Yup I just said in the title that this article is supposed to be newsletters only. But what is a blog doing here? Well its awesome JavaScript stuff so I decided to include it. Plus its also a weekly round-up, its like a newsletter without the email.




Status Code is a language agnostic roundup of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the field of software development.



Web Design Weekly

Web Design Weekly is essentially a mix of HTML5 Weekly and JavaScript Weekly. It mostly links to CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript stuff. And yes, they also have an archive where you can check out some of the cool stuff that were posted before you subscribed.



Laura Carlson Web Development Newsletter

This newsletter has been running for a while now, I know because it has also been linked to on a 3-year old Smashing Magazine article. Its old but it never fails to link to some of the latest news and articles in Web Development.


SitePoint Newsletter

This is actually a collection of newsletters from the SitePoint websites. They mostly link to CSS3, HTML5, and PHP stuff.



Daily JS

If you’re the kind of guy who wants to keep up with some JavaScript news daily then you should subscribe to the Daily JS Newsletter. They mostly link to awesome JavaScript projects on GitHub.



JavaScript Monkey

A new kid on the block at the time of writing of this article. Only a few weeks old basing from their available archives of JavaScript awesomeness.




That’s it! Subscribing to newsletters is one of the good ways you can keep up with the latest in the Web Development and Web Design Industry.
If you know of some cool newsletters that wasn’t mentioned on this article then please share them on the comments.

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