Podcasts every Web Developer should listen to

As web developers we need to constantly update ourselves with the latest in our field, and one way to catch up with the latest news in web development and to know what our fellow developers have to share is by listening to their podcasts. In this post I’m going to share to you some of the podcasts that you should be listening to. But before you continue reading, here are some of the similar articles that might also interest you.


I can see that you’re still here so let’s get going. Note that this list isn’t ordered by level of podcasts awesomeness, they’re ordered randomly.


Herding Code

Herding Code is a podcast hosted by K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dete, Scott Koon, and Jon Galloway. They mostly talk about JavaScript technologies, and some Microsoft web technologies like ASP.Net and Silverlight. They also have a guest developer talk about a specific technology or a book that they have written. This isn’t a weekly podcast though, I’ll call it irregular weekly basing on their archives. Sometimes they do 5 shows in a month, sometimes there’s 3, and sometimes there’s only 2.



JavaScript Show

A JavaScript news and discussion podcast hosted by Jason Seifer and Peter Cooper. They mainly talk about some of the cool links on JavaScript Frameworks, jQuery plugins, articles, tutorials, and the latest news on JavaScript.




A JavaScript and jQuery podcast hosted by Paul Irish, Rebecca Murphey, Adam Sontag, and Alex Sexton. Definitely listen to this podcast if you like to laugh while learning. This is one of the podcast that has been discontinued at the time of writing of this article but they still have the site for everyone to visit. Definitely download their shows because it might disappear soon.




A podcast hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. They talk about web design and development,  they also talk with a special guest for every show.



JavaScript Jabber

This podcast might be only of interest for seasoned JavaScript Developers since most of the topics that they discussed are really intermediate JavaScript stuff, I can tell because I don’t really understand most of the things that they’re talking about since I’m only a beginner in JavaScript. So if you think you’re already a seasoned JavaScript developer then definitely listen to this podcast.



jQuery Podcast

I consider this one of the best podcasts on JavaScript and jQuery. They had a total of 46 episodes before they decided to stop doing the podcast. In every episode they have an awesome guest JavaScript developer who talks about a particular JavaScript technology, a JavaScript event that they’ are organizing, or the things that they do in their company such as development practices, the tools that they’re using, etc. Definitely listen to this I’ll assure that you’ll learn a lot.



FaceOff Show

Faceoff is your face-to-face web technology podcast. In this podcast Jade Robbins and Mark Sanborn talk about various aspects of web technology such as web development, social media, and web entrepreneurship. Yes! I just pulled it from their site, but what can I say? All I can say is that this podcast is awesome, check it out if you don’t believe me.



WebDev Radio

As the name of this podcast suggests, this podcast is all about general web development. If you’re looking for some news, views and issues in the field of web development then this is the podcast that you should be listening to. 






A Minute with Brendan



Minute with Node.js



Minute with Mobile



Minute with CouchDB



Minute with Riak



 Expression Engine



the Changelog




Podcasts are great to listen to if you’re not in front of your computer but still want to keep yourself updated with what’s latest and what your fellow developers have to share in the field of web development.

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