Tutorial files update

If you have been checking out the tutorial files in the link below. Then you would like this update. I made an account at wupload and mediafire where I will upload all of the files that I have used for my tutorials.


Here are the public folder links:

I have already uploaded 5 zip files at the time of writing of this post. Which includes:


I’m too lazy to type so please bear with my screenshot.
In case you didn’t catch what I said a second ago. I won’t be updating the last post about the tutorial files anymore. Just go visit those 2 public folders for the updates, thanks!


Here you will find the files that I’m working on when I’m making tutorials. You will also see some of my projects, and the code snippets here. I created this page so that there will be a single repository for all of the codes that you will see in this blog. I’ll try to update this every time I make a new tutorial.