Tools for lazy developers

We’ve heard it countless times before. In order to become a successful developer you need to be lazy. But what exactly does that mean? In this article, I’ll show you what it means to be a lazy developer by sharing you some of the tools that I’m using to make system development faster and easier.


Find and Replace

Use the Find and Replace functionality of the text editor or IDE that you are using. This will be faster, instead of replacing the text one by one. Just be careful though, you might replace something that’s not supposed to be replaced.


Integrated Development Environment

Without a doubt, IDE’s makes life easier for developers. I often call it text-editor on steroids. Since its much like a text-editor but with additional functionalities. Like IntelliSense or auto-completion of code that you are trying to write. Most IDE’s also include a file manager for easier file access. One example of an awesome IDE is Aptana Studio.


Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is also another indispensable tool for developers. Used as a quick reference for functions available for a programming language. Or different kinds of css selectors. Here’s a link where you can download some of the useful cheat sheets for web development.


Code Snippets

Use code snippets if you’ll be using the same functions throughout a project. Code snippets is basically a reusable code. Which you can use over and over again throughout the development of a system. Sometimes it requires some modification to make your code more descriptive. has a huge collection of code snippets available on their site:


Free Scripts

“Don’t reinvent the wheel”. The overly used quote in systems development. This is very true, that’s why sites like dynamicdrive and htmldrive are created in order for us to make use of code that’s already been written before. Yes its not evil to make use of the scripts available on the sites I’ve mentioned above. Just be sure to acknowledge the author of the code by not removing the comments which is a  reference to the author.



I guess that’s it for this roundup. Being lazy is not always a negative trait especially for developers. Just be sure that being lazy for you is not intellectually lazy. Because there’s no room for you to improve if you are too lazy to do anything that can help you improve.

Spend time wisely in front of your computer

Third entry in a row. This time I’m going to share to you how to spend time wisely in front of your computer.

Create video tutorials
If you want to train yourself to speak in English, that is if you are not already good at it. Then the best way to do that is to create video tutorials. You must be a bit tech-savvy if you want to do this. Since you can’t actually teach anything if you don’t know anything about computers, and technical stuff. You can use camstudio or camtasia to create your video tutorials. I believe that when you teach someone how to do things you also learn from it. Since what you’ve learned really never stick to your mind like a super glue if you don’t do it the second time or the third time.

I believe you can get more useful information in twitter than on facebook. By following news sites, tech sites, web development sites, educational sites, and people who are already well-known on the field that you wish to pursue. You are actually enriching yourself with all the information that they wish to share.

This is one of the websites that I fell in love with. Its simply awesome, giving you the power to explore websites which fits your interests. This is the best site to visit if you are not actually doing something.

Google Reader
There’s also google reader. The rss feed reader used by people who doesn’t want to use desktop applications to read rss feeds. Google reader is a place where you can link all of the sites that you want to read. Keeping up with sites is really tiresome if you have to visit them everyday just to read their content.

Watch video tutorials
You can also watch video tutorials. If you want to learn how to use a specific software or a programming language. You can just go ahead on Lynda, Virtual Training Company , or Total Training and search for something that you want to learn. Of course, most of these tutorials are not for free. That’s why step 2 would be to visit your favorite torrent site and search for available torrent of that video tutorial that you wish to watch.

If you consider yourself a good man and don’t want to use torrents. Then you can try out the new boston  channel on Youtube. Tutorial in there are absolutely free. And really awesome and easy to understand. The creator of the channel, Bucky Roberts as he calls himself. Is currently doing some tutorials on Unreal Development Kit. So if you’re into game development then you can go ahead and check those out.

If you want you can also take up courses on w3schools and learn how to code. Programming is a nice way to train your mind. Solving hard problems is always rewarding. So if you want to challenge yourself, you can go ahead and take the programmer’s path. I recommend that you start with a fully object oriented programming language like Java. You could be an awesome game, web, or desktop application developer in the future if you pursue this field.

If you are not really into code, then perhaps you might want designing. Designing is for creative people, so if you think you’re creative then this field is for you. You can design anything from websites, commercials, and a lot more. I can’t really talk more about it since I’m not a designer.

And I almost forgot what I’m doing right now. You can also blog if you want. As for me, blogging is one of my favorite past times. Not only do I got to integrate what I have learned into my brain, I also get to share it to the world. To the people who are basically taking the same path as mine.

Watch movies, tv series or anime
There’s no question about this. If you are totally bored then you can just download movies, tv series, or anime from torrent sites. But be careful when you do this especially when your connection is slow. You might want to open a hundred tabs on your browser first and read all of those content while you are downloading torrents.
I recommend the Supernatural tv series, its really awesome. For anime, you can watch headless, letter bee, or one piece. Naruto doesn’t get my recommendation since it’s a super hard gay anime. For the movies, I recommend watching animated movies if you want a good laugh. Some of my favorites are (get ready for the big list) : Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age 1-3, Happy feet, Toy Story 1-3, Bee movie and Ratatouille. There are many more, but those are the one’s which are directly available to my conscious mind. So bear with me.

Maybe you are asking why is this even included to the list. The simple answer is that every human being needs time to slack. And the wisest way to slack is to watch something entertaining. To put away your mind from the daily stress of life.

That’s it! I hope the next time you turn on the computer, don’t just mindlessly go to facebook and spend the whole day browsing it. I know it’s a really addictive site but we must have control over it if you don’t want to waste precious time.

How to make codes work

Let’s face it. We cannot just copy some code from the internet and expect for it to work. Sometimes we need to tweak it to fit our needs.

What I’m going to discuss is about making codes work in a general point of view. So don’t expect that you’ll have the skill to make codes work by just reading this article. Programming experience is actually needed to make codes pulled off from the internet to work. Its not really that easy to make someone else’s code work. It takes time especially if you’re just a beginner.

Here’s what you need to get things work for you:


Programming experience

Doesn’t actually matter if you only know the basics of programming. Knowing the basics is good enough.



If the first one didn’t do good for you. You can do some research. Try googling the bits of code you don’t understand, and know what it does.


Common sense

Yes, common sense is pretty much needed to make codes work. Understand the code. If there is a demo available. Then try it first, so that you’ll know what it actually does. If there is no demo available, then perhaps you can try it on your own. By means of trial and error. That’s what I usually do so that I will know what I’m actually working with.



A good IDE, or Integrated Development Environment is also needed. They say that you will become a lazy programmer if you use an IDE. And I agree with them but there is one advantage that beginners can use to benefit from an IDE. That is to learn and test some code. Since most IDE’s come with intelli-sense feature which predicts what the user is going to type. I recommend Netbeans IDE if you’re into Java. Just try using it so you’ll know what I mean.



After dealing with the syntax errors. You still have to deal with yet another animal. That is logic errors. You need to properly order your code to obtain the result that you want to get. You can make use of an algorithm if you’re having trouble sequencing the codes in your head. A simple numbered list would do if you’re dealing with simple problems.


Ask for help

If ever you’re stuck with something and can’t actually get it to work. Then perhaps its time to ask for help from the experts. There’s always Stackoverflow that you can count on. It’s a community of programmers. Beginners, experts, and masters are all gathered in the community to learn and to help. Just be sure to ask intelligently and nicely though. And don’t ask something that has already been asked. Do some research first on their site by using the (surprise!) search bar. And please don’t ask something stupid. And lastly don’t even think of asking if your english is half-cooked.


Learn more

If my advises above didn’t actually do you any good. Then perhaps you have to enlighten yourself even more. By making use of a tutorial. In the programming language that you’re dealing with. Watch videos on programming. Read then read again.




That’s it for this article. I’m actually a beginner myself. But I care less if I’m really in the position to be telling stuff. But those advises at the top is what I usually do to make codes work. And I think its really effective if you really put your heart into what you’re doing.

How to become a keyboard ninja

In this article I will share to you the guidelines that I am currently following in order to become a keyboard ninja. If you’re reading howtogeek you would probably know what a keyboard ninja means. If not, then here’s my long definition:

A keyboard ninja is someone who knows his way when his in front of a computer. Someone who has computer-skills which are higher than average. A technical being who is expert in computer games, programming, web-designing, and almost know every command that can be used in the command line. He also types 61 words per minute or higher and has about 100% accuracy. He also is updated of the current trends, technology and events in the world of IT. He also knows how to build and destroy a computer. And last but not the least, he spends 10-20 hours in front of the computer per day.

So here are the guidelines that I’m currently following, at least some actually:

  1. Always keep yourself updated – for this one, I usually check out my Google Reader and my StumbleUpon account everyday. is also a good choice.
  2. Give yourself a time to play– its not necessary that you will play cityville or farmville.  What I mean by give yourself time to play is that you need to always get your hands dirty. Play with different software, familiarize your self with it, experiment. Doesn’t matter if you mess things up, there’s always deepfreeze to save the day. You can also play with different programming and scripting language if you want to get fancy.
  3. Rest – of course, keyboard ninjas are still human beings and they still need to give ourselves a rest as a part of self-respect. If you think you are burned out then to rest is probably the first thing that you should do.
  4. Work on side projects– always have time for side-projects. Or projects that are not originated from work or school. People sometimes call it personal projects. It doesn’t matter what kind of project it is. What’s important is that it will help you gain some  experience.
  5. Exercise– the one that I usually forget or purposely forget. Exercise is necessary for optimum functioning of the brain. I currently do not have links to support what I’m saying so just check out these links from lifehacker.
  6. Sleep– as I have said in point number 3. Were not cyborgs, robots or the terminator. We should get enough sleep to give our brains a boost. Here’s a link to support my point.
  7. Collaborate with people who share the same interest– this is what I’ve recently done. That’s why I created a facebook group called: Assoc of Keyboard Ninjas. You can join if you want.
  8. Discover more about what interests you – StumbleUpon is the keyword here. Check out the site if you want to know what do I mean. But you can also watch some computer-related videos.
  9. Basics first– drown yourself in lots of tutorials regarding the subject you want to learn. Be it video tutorials, ebooks or podcasts.
  10. Ask what you do not know– If there are people who you think you can help you with your problem then don’t hesitate to ask. Just don’t overdo it though, because there are things which only require common sense to solve. Just carefully think about your problem first, ask Google a dozen of times before you go asking here. Always remember that pride won’t bring you anywhere especially if you’re just beginning.
  11. Share what you know– the best way to learn is to teach. That’s why I suggest that you should also put up your own blog or your own youtube channel.  Doesn’t matter if its blogger, wordpress, or multiply. As long as you got to share what you know without peeking at a source.
  12. Play games– this one is connected to point number 6 and 3. As they say, all work and no play makes you a lazy boy. We must always find time to play even if the time is harsh. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mindless-game or an educational game that we are playing as long as we get to relax. Games may also stimulate our minds that’s why I consider it necessary.



That’s it for this article. I hope I have shared to you something useful. If you think I have missed something here then just share it to me on the comments.

Vacation is over

It sucks but Christmas vacation is finally over for me. I’d have to enter school again so I may not have enough time to be posting some cool stuff about the things that I discovered, the technologies that I used, and others. School really sucks, minor subjects sucks. Major subjects rocks but you also need to keep yourself updated and you really have a real passion for the field you are studying if you really want to thrive. They say the best way to learn is to teach that’s why I  have put up this blog to share to the people with the same interest what I know. I don’t even care if there is even someone who is actually reading my blog. But if someone is actually reading this somewhere, then thanks that you have laid your eyeballs in my site. I hope you would share this to others who share the same interest. Interest in computers, internet, programming and other cool stuff about computers.