PSP Game recommendations

As you might have notice, I also have a psp section in this blog. Although I’m not really posting that much into this section. Because I’m always busy blogging about php, and other things about computer.

What you will see in this article, are the list of games that I recommend. These are not arranged in any order. What comes to my mind first will be the first that you will see.

Each of us have different taste when it comes to games. But here’s my list:



Yeah, I loved playing this game. But I guess I won’t really be able to finish it. I’m already at the stage where my character goes into the mind of Lindow. And I can only take one companion to support me. I’m not that skilled at dodging and defense that’s why I can’t finish the game.





One of my favorites. Because of its unique gameplay. I’m proud to say that I have played the whole series. Patapon 1-3. So far I think Patapon 3 is the best. Lots of new characters. But some elements are removed from the previous Patapon games.

  • Patapon 1
  • Patapon 2
  • Patapon 3





Yes there are actually harvest moon games in psp. And again, I’m proud to say that I have played all of them. So far my favorite is the harvest moon innocent life. A futuristic version of harvest moon. Life was made a little bit easier for the farmer. And some futuristic elements were added. And that is what makes it super awesome.

  • Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
  • Harvest Moon: Hero of the Leaf Valley
  • Harvest Moon: Innocent Life





One of the first games that I have played in the psp. All I can say is that it’s awesome. Its like God Eater but I think its more awesome.





I haven’t finish this game because of my lack of skill. But I think its really good, that’s why its here in my list.





I almost forgot that I really got addicted with most of the Naruto games in psp. Especially Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3. Just be careful not to destroy the buttons in your psp when you play this one. Because you really need to make your fingers fast if you are to beat the enemies in the difficult part.

Yeah, I’m proud to say that I finished this one of a hell bad ass game.

  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 1
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: Phantom Fortress
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3





One of the adventure games that I played. I really got addicted with this game because of the gadgets that the main character was using. The weapons are also awesome. But you actually need some skills and brains to finish this one.





Sad to say, I couldn’t finish this one. But it is as good as Ratchet and Clank. I assure you will also enjoy this one if you liked playing Ratchet and Clank.




I wasn’t actually serious in playing this game. I never really intended to get the missions done. What I always do when I play Vice City is to kill people until my stars becomes 5. Then I just go on and kill the police and swat until they finally kill me. Really an exciting game.





That’s it for this list. I hope you will play one of the games that I have recommended here. If you have already played all of them then my praises are unto you. You are the God of psp gaming.

And by the way, if you don’t already know. You can download most of the games on Awesome site, I might not have played any of this games without that site.


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PSP cannot read memory stick

Are you having problems with your psp’s memory stick? Perhaps you have dropped it. Or you have accidentally removed it while playing a game. In this article I’ll share to you some of the things you can do to troubleshoot this problem.

  1. First you must have an option in your psp that says shutdown or restart. You can see that option by pressing ‘select’.
  2. Choose shutdown. Then press x or o depending on your configuration.
  3. Remove the memory stick from the psp.
  4. Turn on the psp using the usual method.
  5. Insert the memory stick.
  6. Press select then choose restart device.
  7. If you are lucky and your memory stick is not yet in bad shape then this trick might work.

PSP Video Settings

I haven’t been writing about PSP related stuff for a while. So I’ll take this time to tell you about video settings in PSP. Or Play Station Portable.

I use Freemake Video Converter when I want to watch movies or anime episodes on the PSP. As the name implies. Its free and its really very good at converting videos from one format to another. One of them is the format which is recognized by PSP. To cut this guide short I’m just going to show you a screenshot that contains the settings for optimal video viewing on your PSP:


You can edit the setting if you want but that’s the one that I recommend. Especially the frame rate. If you go higher than 29.97 fps. You might notice a lag while watching the video on your PSP. And if you mess up with the audio settings Freemake Video Converter might give you an output that’s not watchable. Since the sound and the video is not in sync.



That’s it for this short tutorial. Just be careful in using video converters though. Since they consume lots of graphics and processor power. It might even be a cause for an overheat of the different parts of your computer since the heat dissipates from the mostly used components to the other components that’s not directly used by the converter.

A guide to PSP plugins

PSP plugins are small pieces of code that we use to give the Play Station Portable additional functions or to enhance certain function that are already included by default.



1. PSP with custom firmware installed

2. PSP Plugins that you want to install

Here are some of the plugins that I use:

1. Audioboost– I use this when I want louder music.

2. Dim the lights –You can use this plugin to save more battery.

And here you can find lots of PSP plugins.


Kinds of plugins:

1. GAME- you will use this when you are playing games, be it ISO, UMD, CSO, or maybe homebrew games and emulators.

2. XMB/VSH –plugins that works when you are on the Xros Media Bar. Plugins of this kind works when you’re playing music, viewing pictures, or watching movies on your PSP.

3. POPS- for PSX/PS1 game emulation on PSP.


Go ahead and connect your PSP to your computer via the USB cable. Then go to this directory:


‘mso’ is the root folder of your PSP. Where you find the ISO, MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURES folders. But this time open up the ‘seplugins’ folder. If there is none, then create one.

Then if you don’t already have a ‘VSH.txt’  in there then you may also want to create one. Because this text file is the file that will act as a database for your installed plugins. It will also serve as a main switch for all your plugins. Because its gonna store whether a certain plugin is activated or disabled.



Just drag the .prx files into the seplugins folder. You may also want to include the other files which came with that plugin.

To reference those plugins, put their filenames on the ‘VSH.txt’ file. For audioboost plugin, it may look something like this:


You can install as many plugins that you want just be sure to reference them in the ‘VSH.txt’ file. And separated by a new line, like this:



After installing, you may want to turn off your PSP by holding the power button, until it turns off.

Now, turn it on again while pressing the ‘R’ button. The recovery menu will then show up.

Go to plugins. Then enable the plugins that you want by pressing ‘x’.