Where to find video tutorials for different technologies

If you really want to learn something you will always find a way to learn it. And so in this article I’m gonna show you all of the resources that I have when looking for video tutorials regarding different technologies, programming languages, software trainings, etc.

Here’s the list:


  • lynda.com
  • totaltraining.com
  • kelbytraining


  • butterscotch.com
  • vtc.com
  • youtube.com

Yeah, there’s free and there’s paid. But we are IT people so we can make use of torrents to get those videos for free. I won’t give you the links, its up for you to search for those.

For youtube:

  • The new boston – mainly on different programming languages
  • Tinkernut – hacks & tricks
  • PC whiz kids – software reviews, hardware reviews
  • hak5
  • tech squad

That’s all, if you know of something else, just comment them. Thanks.

If you have something to ask

This is yet another post on the resources that I am using, especially if I can’t get any answer from google or bing.

So here they are:


Superuser.com this is where you can ask questions regarding computer software and hardware. You can use an open id to log in and star asking some questions.


Stackoverflow.com– this is where you can ask programming questions. In any computer programming language. You can ask questions regarding python, php, java, ruby, etc. But questions tend to be repeated or related to each other so please try to search for your query first before you go asking some questions.


Serverfault.com- this is where you can ask questions about networking and the like. You can ask questions about your router configuration. Apache server. And other things related to it.

That’s all. I hope you will find this sites useful.