Using Visual Studio to design websites

For those of you who has installed the professional edition of Visual Studio 2008. You could actually use it to design webpages. If you have actually checked the web designer feature during installation.

Execute visual studio. Select File > New > Website. Then click on ok


A new website would be created. Right click on the new website then select ‘add new item’.


Select what you want to create from the list of items. Select html if you want to create a blank webpage. The main server-side scripting language that can be used here is So you might have difficulties if you want to work with other server-side scripting language like php.


There are also various tools that you could use to design your webpage.




That’s a short walkthrough to the web designer feature of visual studio 2008. I’ll be making a continuation of this guide if I have the time. Thanks for readingSmile

Tab Order in Visual Studio 2008

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you a useful tool that would make arranging of items in visual studio easier.

The tab order. Is used to arrange the order of the visual items in your application, when you press on tab. By default, the order is dictated by which came first. Or which element you have first added on your application.

So to change that, just go to the main menu, select ‘view’->’tab order’.

Numbers would appear on the right side of each form element, something like this:


As you can see my elements has already been arranged, you can arrange yours by clicking on each element one after another.