Podcasts every Web Developer should listen to

As web developers we need to constantly update ourselves with the latest in our field, and one way to catch up with the latest news in web development and to know what our fellow developers have to share is by listening to their podcasts. In this post I’m going to share to you some of the podcasts that you should be listening to. But before you continue reading, here are some of the similar articles that might also interest you.


I can see that you’re still here so let’s get going. Note that this list isn’t ordered by level of podcasts awesomeness, they’re ordered randomly.


Herding Code

Herding Code is a podcast hosted by K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dete, Scott Koon, and Jon Galloway. They mostly talk about JavaScript technologies, and some Microsoft web technologies like ASP.Net and Silverlight. They also have a guest developer talk about a specific technology or a book that they have written. This isn’t a weekly podcast though, I’ll call it irregular weekly basing on their archives. Sometimes they do 5 shows in a month, sometimes there’s 3, and sometimes there’s only 2.



JavaScript Show

A JavaScript news and discussion podcast hosted by Jason Seifer and Peter Cooper. They mainly talk about some of the cool links on JavaScript Frameworks, jQuery plugins, articles, tutorials, and the latest news on JavaScript.




A JavaScript and jQuery podcast hosted by Paul Irish, Rebecca Murphey, Adam Sontag, and Alex Sexton. Definitely listen to this podcast if you like to laugh while learning. This is one of the podcast that has been discontinued at the time of writing of this article but they still have the site for everyone to visit. Definitely download their shows because it might disappear soon.




A podcast hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. They talk about web design and development,  they also talk with a special guest for every show.



JavaScript Jabber

This podcast might be only of interest for seasoned JavaScript Developers since most of the topics that they discussed are really intermediate JavaScript stuff, I can tell because I don’t really understand most of the things that they’re talking about since I’m only a beginner in JavaScript. So if you think you’re already a seasoned JavaScript developer then definitely listen to this podcast.



jQuery Podcast

I consider this one of the best podcasts on JavaScript and jQuery. They had a total of 46 episodes before they decided to stop doing the podcast. In every episode they have an awesome guest JavaScript developer who talks about a particular JavaScript technology, a JavaScript event that they’ are organizing, or the things that they do in their company such as development practices, the tools that they’re using, etc. Definitely listen to this I’ll assure that you’ll learn a lot.



FaceOff Show

Faceoff is your face-to-face web technology podcast. In this podcast Jade Robbins and Mark Sanborn talk about various aspects of web technology such as web development, social media, and web entrepreneurship. Yes! I just pulled it from their site, but what can I say? All I can say is that this podcast is awesome, check it out if you don’t believe me.



WebDev Radio

As the name of this podcast suggests, this podcast is all about general web development. If you’re looking for some news, views and issues in the field of web development then this is the podcast that you should be listening to. 






A Minute with Brendan



Minute with Node.js



Minute with Mobile



Minute with CouchDB



Minute with Riak



 Expression Engine



the Changelog




Podcasts are great to listen to if you’re not in front of your computer but still want to keep yourself updated with what’s latest and what your fellow developers have to share in the field of web development.

Web Development Resources September 17, 2011

Time for another roundup. I don’t really track what links I’m posting here so a few things might get repeated. Especially now that this is the third time that I’m gonna be doing this. So here’s a bunch of links that you might want to check out:


As the name implies it makes form creation easier.

Form validation hints
A tutorial showing you how to create nice looking validation hints.

Quick lookup for php, mysql, js, and css stuff. Yeah pretty much like a search-engine.

A web-application for checking if your site conforms with design basics.

Use google+ to improve your UI
If you want to use the same UI Elements that are used in Google+. Then you can try this one. They also have some of the UI elements inspired by OS X Lion.

Awesome Javascript library for formatting date and time.

JS Bin
If you want to experiment on some Javascript code, this is the way to go. You can also include some of the most popular Javascript Libraries. Like Mootools, Jquery, Prototype, and YUI.

Yet another Jquery form validation plugin.

Jquery Easing
A jquery plugin for performing animations.

Jquery Animations
A beginner tutorial showing you how to perform animations in jquery.

Php js
Php functions ported to Javascript.






Web Development Resources August 20 2011

What’s up! I’m here again writing about some random stuff that I find  useful for web designers and developers.
I know that I have recently posted a roundup entitled Web Development Resources August 2011. So its expected that you will see something like this 10 days from the time of writing of this post. But I decided to just do it randomly. That is, if my Evernote gets super filled up with these resources then I post it here.
So without further spoilage, here it is:


Disallow special characters on text field


Submit html form through ajax


Jquery autocomplete
A Jquery plugin for cross-browser autosuggest functionality on text fields. Just don’t forget to turn off autocomplete if you don’t want the browser to fetch autosuggest data from the forms you have recently submitted.


Php Minifier
If you want to decrease the size of your php file for faster loading. Then this tool is just what you need.


Javascript Code Minification Tools
Here are some of the tools used for compressing javascript code. Compressed or minified files, downloads faster because it is smaller in size. These tools are really important to improve performance of your site. You may only need this on a production environment.

Code Checking Tools
If you want to improve the quality of your code, be it php, css, or javascript code. Then you can visit the following links and paste the code you want to check. It will show you all sorts of bad stuff about your code no matter how awesome you think your code is.

Javascript Libraries
Here are some of the Javascript libraries that can help your life as a designer or a developer easier.

Jquery useful plugins
This is actually an article which shows you some of the jquery plugins that you might find useful in the current project that you’re working with.


The following jquery plugins makes table pagination easier than ever before.


Image for web optimizer
Its not just Javascript, css or php files which needs to be compressed. Even images needs it. Yes, again for faster page load and overall site performance.


Image lazy loading
Load the image only when the image is in the visible part of the page. And not when the page loads. This has some performance benefits as well.


Custom drop-down menus
If you’re already sick with the default styling and functionality of the html drop-down menu. Then try this script to breath new life into those boring drop-down menus.


Javascript Search Engine
Some sort of a search engine. But exclusively for Javascript stuff. Try it if Big G can’t provide you any good answers.


Awesome Collection of Css Tips and Tricks
Yet another awesome article showing you awesome stuff on css.


Disable context menu using javascript
Can hide your source code from prying eyes. But pretty much useless once the perpetrator disables javascript on the browser. You can still use this one though if you think people who wants to look at your code doesn’t know how to disable javascript on the browser.


10 online tools to simplify html5 coding
Another collection of awesome stuff from catswhocode. This time on html tools and sites where you can find useful information on html5.


5 ways to make ajax calls in jquery
Finally, here’s an absolute beginner tutorial on how to perform ajax calls using the jquery. The most awesome kickass Javascript Library of them all.


Youtube channels for aspiring web developers

What’s up? This time I’m going to share to you the most awesome youtube channels which discusses about web development. If you have a good memory and you’ve gone searching for awesome youtube channels that discusses things about computer. You might have seen my list:

Youtube channels for computer geeks

You can go check it out first if you also consider yourself a computer geek.

Back to the main topic. Note that this list does not come in any particular order. Like the most awesome to the least awesome, or first to appear in my tabs. Or anything funny ordering of things that you can think of.


Has the biggest collection of php tutorials in the entire universe (if aliens doesn’t know about php). Here’s a summary of what they have on their channel:

  • MySQL and PHP
  • Search Engine (what is this? The Google killer?)
  • Image sharing site
  • Sending SMS with PHP
  • PHP Basics
  • Pagination
  • Rating System
  • Shoutbox
  • Auto-complete style search
  • File Uploading
  • Mini Shopping Cart
  • URL Shortener (I know this, bit.ly killer?)
  • Non-database photo album
  • Creating a blog (Guess what I’m going to say…Yeah! the next wordpress I suppose)
  • Creating a guestbook
  • phpBB (short for php bulleting board)
  • Integrating PayPal
  • Creating a mailing list


Features tutorials on.. surprise! PHP, yeah! I guess you totally predicted that. This channel is more like phpacademy, and some of the titles and playlist are almost the same.


Well, I ‘m tired of saying awesome. So I guess I’ll just call this one cool. This channel features tutorials on:

  • Zend Framework (Zend is a php framework in case you don’t know)
  • PHP OOP (O yeah! Object Oriented PHP on the loose!)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Jquery
  • MySQL
  • Drupal 7
  • CSS
  • Python
  • PHP for beginners
  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Javascript


I think this one is the third most awesome. Just check out this list of the tutorials he has on his channel:

  • Flash mp3 player
  • PHP and MySQL
  • How to build a social network (maybe he’s trying to show you how to make the facebook killer)
  • Swift 3D (never heard of this software)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Actionscript
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Awesome right? I don’t know how many times I said the word awesome already. You can count if you’re bored, then just tell me in the comments and then I’ll reward you with 1 piece of candy.


I take back what I said a while ago, I think this is the most awesome channel of them all. Bucky Roberts is like the God of computer science. He knows lots of stuff about game development, web development, computer building, and programming. Go checkout his channel if you want to see some real awesomeness. (That’s really exaggerated advertisement, you can kill me now if you want)


Mostly features tutorials on Delphi for PHP. I don’t know if he’s talking about the Delphi programming language or another kind of Delphi. Just go check out his channel if you’re also curious.


If I can rate from most awesome to least awesome, I could rate this one second most awesome. First, because the one’s who makes the screen recording aren’t boring at all. Second, most of their topics really interests me.


Most of the video tutorials here are about c++. But I also saw some html tutorials that’s why it made it to this list.


One of the first youtube channels that I came across. They have tutorials on:

  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Photoshop

Unfortunately, I think the tutorials found on youtube are the free ones. It means, that they’re actually like Lynda.com and TotalTraining who sells their video tutorials.


I’m getting tired already. Here’s what they have:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • SEO tips (Search Engine Optimization)

I think they also have some drupal, php, and css tutorials.


There you go! The big list of youtube channels featuring tutorials on web development. If you think something must have been missed, then you are always free to speak up your feelings in the comments. I’d really appreciate it.